b'HAND TOOLSTRITONTRITON HAND TOOLSTriton 117435 T-Square 90Triton 265901 Side SupportTriton 275634 Router TrackTriton 330110 Tool Tray / Work degree TTSTS (TWX7SS) Adaptor TRTA001 Support SJA420TRITONFixed 9 for perfectly square cuts. For use with the Triton Track SawSide support bracket with chrome TTS1400. Can be used with DeWalt,plated tubes, to prevent corrosion. Festool and Makita tracks. MitreAdjustable reach to support theRobust chrome-plated base plate needs 140mm (5 1/2) of track lengthworkpiece. Useful whendealingand guide rails provide a sturdy with or without work clamp. with large projects. 600mmstructure when combined with the Code Unit maximum side extension (from tableimpact-resistant plastic. Quick-centreline). fastening mechanismensures SIL117435 Each minimal time and complexity in Code Unit fixing the router to the track rail.Use to keep tools handy or as an Triton 208064 SharpenerSIL265901 Each Compatible with the entire Tritonadditional work support. For use Precision Plunge Router Range. with Super Jaws portable clamping Tool Rest TWSTR system (SJA200) only.Triton 266505 OutfeedCode UnitSupport (TWX7OS) SIL275634 Each Code UnitSIL330110 EachTriton 318358 Long Knife JigTriton 330190 Woodrack TWSLKJ Storage System WRA001Tool Rest for use with the TritonOutfeed support bracket with Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10. Forchrome plated tubes, to prevent sharpening an assortment of tools.corrosion. Adjustable reach to Especially good for tools requiringsupport the workpiece. Useful when larger bevel angles. Provides stableperforming rip cuts, or dealing with platform. large projects. 670mm maximum outfeed extension (from tableFor use with the Triton Wetstone Code Unit centreline). Sharpener TWSS10. Use for long or SIL208064 Each thin flexible filleting knives. Broad Code Unit clamping head holds blade securely.Triton 265709 Router TableSIL266505 Each Code UnitModule (TWX7RT001)SIL318358 EachProvides generous storage capacityTriton 266532 Rugged Transitfor timberKit (TWX7RTK)Triton 330090 Multi-Stand Pipes and other long items. ForMSA200 internal or external mounting applications in workshops, garages, sheds, on fences and walls etc. Twelve supports provide 6 levels of storage. Easy installationCode UnitSIL330190 EachPrecision router table module specifically designed for TWX7 Workcentre. Compatible withTriton 378864 Diamond all three Triton plunge routersLarge diameter rugged transit wheelTruing Tool TWSDTT(TRA001, MOF001 and JOF001)attachment for the workcentre for shaping, planing, rebating,chassis, suitable for transit across trenching, moulding and grooving.uneven terrain. Grooved tread Extruded aluminium main fencepattern running the circumference and adjustable side fences. Featuresof the wheel, ensuring maximum micro adjusters, rotating cruciformtraction at all times. Internal bush fence spacers, safety guard andinsert design keep the wheels dust extractor connector. Includesperfectly concentric to the axle, quick set horizontal (2) and verticalminimising wear and trackingMultipurpose support with extra-featherboards (2). Easy assemblydeficiencies. External wheel coverswide tripod base for excellent and configuration. Combined withprotect the axle and fasteningstability on level or uneven TWX7 Workcentre achieves a fullcomponents from dirt and debris.ground. Low-friction slide surfaces featured Router Table capable ofDurable ABS moulded ruggedprovide smooth, controlled travel professional results. High qualitytransit handle. Pivot mounted forwithout unwanted steering of theDiamond Truing Tool for use with the materials and components ensureuser comfort whilst in use. Largeworkpiece. Swivelling and tiltingTriton Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10. a long life. Fully supported bydiameter handle mount ensureshead clamps pieces of wood forQuick restoration of the grinding optional accessories for extendingforces are districbuted evenly duringmany applications in the workshop,surface. Back bar controls rate of functionality. transit. home and on-site. Adjustable height. material removal. Easy to set up.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL265709 Each SIL266532 Each SIL330090 Each SIL378864 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 341'