b'DECORATINGPAINTSPAINTS DECORATINGALUMINIUM PAINT BLACKBOARD PAINT BRICK & TILE PAINTRustins Aluminium Paint Paint Factory 2889 Colour ItRustins Blackboard Paint Rustins Step & Tile PaintQuick Dry Blackboard Paint 300mlPAINTSA gloss alkyd based paint for use on tiles, concrete and bricks. Not Blackboard Black provides a mattrecommended for use on glazed or black non-reflective surface forquarry tiles. Contains micronised red Quick dry aluminium paint suitableblackboards and photographic work.oxide or special black pigment for for both interior and exterior use. Create a chalkboard on almost anygood opacity. For both interior and surface. Suitable for interior andexterior use. Drying Time 4-8 hours.Code Size Unit exterior use. Clean brushes in water.RUSALPTW250 250ml Each All purpose paint for interior andCode Size Unitexterior use on concrete, metal andCode Size Unit BlackRUSALPTW500 500ml Each RUSBLAB100 100ml Eachwood. Quick drying to a matt finish.RUSSTBLW250 250ml Each300ml tin. RUSBLAB125 125ml EachRUSSTBLW500 500ml EachCode Unit RUSBLAB250 250ml Each RedRAP2889 Each RUSBLAB500 500ml Each RUSSTRDW250 250ml EachRUSSTRDW500 500ml EachDECKING PAINTLiberon Decking Oil Clear Ronseal Decking Stain Ronseal 35903 DeckingRonseal 36438 Decking Cleaner & Reviver 5L Cleaner SachetsDecking Oil feeds, protects and enhances the natural beauty of old or new exterior timber decking. AGive your decking tough protection highly water-resistant, UV-enhancedagainst harsh weather and wear andIdeal for cleaning old decking andNew sachet technologysimply formula, it is perfect for reviving andtear. Its dry in 90 minutes so youpreparing new wood, our Deckingdissolve in water to makes 5 litres restoring colour to weathered andcan still have that last minute BBQCleaner and Reviver will have yourof cleaner. Fast acting formula greying decking, and is also suitablewithout worrying about ruining it.decking looking good as new in nocleans and revives. Kills moss, mould for use on fences, garden sheds,It prevents wood from greying andtime at all. It opens the pores of theand algae without scrubbing and gates and hot tubs. wont crack, blister or peel. wood so your oil or stain will adhereprevents re-growth.Code Size Unit and leave you with a longer lasting Code Colour Unit finish. Code Qty. UnitLIBDOCL25L 2.5L Each 2.5L RON36438 2 x satchets EachLIBDOCL5L 5L Each Code UnitRON33408 Gold Cedar Each RON35903 Each Ronseal 37334 Decking End Ronseal 35767 DeckingRON33409 Rich Mahogany Each Grain Protector 750mlRestorer 2.5L RON33410 Country Oak Each Ronseal 36434 Decking RON33411 Rustic Pine Each Protector Natural 5LRON35477 Rich Teak Each5LRON36702 Gold Cedar EachRON36703 Rich Mahogany EachRON36704 Country Oak EachRON36705 Rich Teak EachWeathering can have a dramaticKeeps decks strong and protectedeffect on your decking, making Guards against rot bright and clean surfaces becomeProtect your decking from greyingPerfect for freshly cut deck endsmurky and worn. Our Deckingin the sun and rotting in the rain.Rainproof in 90 minutesRestorer revives old and discolouredDecking Protector helps prevent decking back to its original colour.timber from cracking, twisting andCode UnitThe result is bare natural woodswelling so your decking staysRON37334 Eachthats ready to be protected. healthy for longer.Code Unit Code UnitRON35767 Each RON36434 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 83'