b'IRONMONGERYLOCKSIRONMONGERYLOCKSEURO LOCKS KEY CABINETSSecurit Euro Locking DeadboltSecurit Euro Sash Lock Silverline 542519Sterling KC48 Lockable Key Thumbturn Set Combination 20 Key Cabinet CabinetLOCKSNickel plated.Code Size Unit Heavy duty steel construction Complete locking thumbturn set.MPSS1851 63mm Each and powder-coated finish. Easily Easy to fit. Size: 55x11mm. Features: 3MPSS1853 75mm Each resettable 3-digit combination. Keys 60/70mm Adjustable Backset. Organises and secures up to 20 Code Finish Unit Securit S3478 Thumbturnkeys. Includes wall mountings and MPSS3460 Polished Chrome Per Card with Deadbolt 50mm numbered labels.Code Unit For 48 Keys, Complete with colour MPSS3461 Satin Nickel Per Card key tags.SIL542519 EachSterling Euro Cylinder Code Colour UnitSilverline 656614 20 Key Cabinet STEKC48 Grey EachSterling KC50H Heavy Duty Satin Nickel / Chrome Plated Key Cabinet 50 Key Hooks Grey Code UnitSolid brass body & plug MPSS3478 Each5 pin tumbler locking mechanism Supplied with 3 nickel plated keys Sterling Euro Thumb CylinderStandard section keywayAdjustable cam on single eurosCode Size Unit Lockable, metal key cabinet, holds Brass 20 keys. Includes wall mountings and STEEPB3030V 30 x 30mm Each 2 keys. 200 x 160 x 75mm.STEEPB003V 35 x 35mm Each Solid brass body & plug Code UnitSTEEPB013V 35 x 40mm Each5 pin tumbler locking mechanism SIL656614 Each STEEPB004V 35 x 45mm EachSupplied with 3 nickel plated keysSTEEPB005V 35 x 50mm Each Standard section keyway Sterling KC20C Combi KeyAdjustable cam on single euros CabinetSTEEPB006V 35 x 55mm EachSTEEPB011V 40 x 40mm Each Code Size UnitSTEEPB012V 40 x 45mm Each Brass The Sterling 50-hook heavy duty key cabinet is supplied with adjustable, STEEPB008V 40 x 50mm Each STEETB3030V 30 x 30mm Each colour coded key hook rails, key STEEPB009V 40 x 55mm Each STEETB031V 35 x 35mm Each tags and a removable key indexing STEEPB010V 40 x 60mm Each STEETB032V 35 x 40mm Each system for easy key identification. Has a secure lock with 2-keys, a STEEPB007V 45 x 45mm Each STEETB038V 35 x 45mm Each locked or unlocked colour indicator STEEPB014V 45 x 50mm Each STEETB033V 40 x 40mm Each and is supplied with all required STEEPB015V 45 x 55mm Each STEETB034V 40 x 50mm Each fixings. Tough and resilient powder coating, is suitable for use in the STEEPB023V 50 x 50mm Each STEETB035V 40 x 60mm Each home, garage, workshop, shed, Nickel STEETB039V 45 x 35mm Each For 20 Keys, complete with colourfor lock-ups and commercial use. STEEPN3030V 30 x 30mm Each STEETB4545V 45 x 45mm Each key tags. Manufactured to exacting standards.STEEPN003V 35 x 35mm Each STEETB4555V 45 x 55mm Each Code Colour Unit Code UnitSTEEPN013V 35 x 40mm Each STEETB5050V 50 x 50mm Each STEKC20C Black Each STEKC50H EachSTEEPN004V 35 x 45mm Each NickelSTEEPN005V 35 x 50mm Each STEETN3030V 30 x 30mm Each NEWSecurit Locking Window Handle White STEEPN3555V 35 x 55mm Each STEETN3535V 35 x 35mm EachSTEEPN011V 40 x 40mm Each STEETN032V 35 x 40mm Each Key Locking push button espag handle STEEPN012V 40 x 45mm Each STEETN038V 35 x 45mm Each for double glazed windows. Replacement STEEPN008V 40 x 50mm Each STEETN4040V 40 x 40mm Each for all inline espag handles. Colour STEEPN009V 40 x 55mm Each STEETN034V 40 x 50mm Each matching screw cover and one key supplied. Spindle width 7mm Square.STEEPN010V 40 x 60mm Each STEETN035V 40 x 60mm EachSTEEPN007V 45 x 45mm Each STEETN039V 45 x 35mm EachSTEEPN014V 45 x 50mm Each STEETN4545V 45 x 45mm Each Code Desc. UnitSTEEPN015V 45 x 55mm Each STEETN4555V 45 x 55mm Each MPSS9521 Right Hand EachSTEEPN023V 50 x 50mm Each STEETN5050V 50 x 50mm Each MPSS9511 Left Hand Each416 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'