b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSBANDINGFIXINGS & FASTENERSBANDING BUILDERS METALWORKGalvanised Fixing Band 13mmACCESSORIESx10m Roll 13mmBrick Reinforcement Coil FA3 Framing Anchor Type 3MFS/20 Multi Fixing Band 125mm Galv Box 200 Strapping 20mm X 10m Box Of 10Code Unit Expanded metal brickwork BANDING, BAYONET DRAWING PINS & PANEL PINS & BUILDERS METALWORK reinforcement is embedded in mortar HNHFBG13 Each joints (usually every third course) to give extra tensile strength to wall and Fixman Galvanised Fixinghelp withstand vibration and sudden loading, or to minimise unsightly cracks Band 10m due to settlement. Manufactured to BS 1369 Part 1, in 26g galvanised. SuppliedManufactured from 1.2mm thick in 20 metre coils. galvanised steel. Safe working loadAn inexpensive perforated strip Code Size Unit 3.5kN per pair when using BPCwhich can easily be cut or bent to Sheradised Square Twisted Nails 30provide a quick and reliable method BPCBR/100 100mm 20m Each x 3.75mm. of bracing roof trusses / diagonal BPCBR/175 175mm 20m Each strutting to floor joists / holding BPCBR/225 225mm 20m Each Code Unit down wallplates / suspending BPCBR/300 300mm 20m Each BPCFA3 Box 200 pipework and cables / general repairs to fencing and many other Code Size Unit BPCBR/63 63mm 20m Each HJS400 480mm HerringboneDIY jobs. Manufactured from 0.9mm Black Joist Strut Galv Box 100 thick galvanised steel.SIL577523 17mm x 10m Each DSTC/50 Double Sided ToothCode UnitConnectors M12 50mm Box SIL848593 12mm x 10m Each Of 100 BPCMFS/20 Box 10GalvanisedSIL308106 17mm x 10m Each Multi Truss Hanger Box of 50SIL491486 12mm x 10m EachBAYONET DRAWINGTimber connectors are PINS & PANEL PINS manufactured in accordance with BS EN 912:200 Type C6/C7. Produced Bayonet 10404 Drawing Pins from 1mm thick galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D + G275.Code UnitBPCDSTC/50 Box 100Bolt hole to suit M12 fixing, nail holes Bellcast External Render Stop5mm diameter. Use 30 x 3.75mm Bead Box 50 sheradised square twisted nails in all A superior alternative to timberpre-punched holes. Bearing surface strutting, Herringbone Struts offeron all multi-truss hangers is 75mm. a cost effective method of providingProduced from galvanised steel necessary lateral support to floorto BS EN 10346:2009 + G275 as joists as required by the Buildingstandard.Display of 24 Boxes. Brass plated. 50Regulations. Manufactured from 0.9mm thick galvanised steel. Code Size Unitpins per pack.Code Unit BPCMTH/240X47 240 x 47mm Box 50Code Unit BPCMTH/380X47 380 x 47mm Box 50BAY10404 Display 24 BPCHJS/400 Box 100Bellcast stopbead provides perfectBPCMTH/500X100 500 x 100mm Box 25Bayonet Panel Pins alignment and support to lower edgeMAB/2.4 Mini Mesh PlasterBPCMTH380X75 380 x 75mm Box 50of exterior rendering. ExpandedAngle Bead 2.4m Box 50mesh section ensures a positiveHand Nail Plate Box of 250bond to rendered coating. Nail-fix with galvanised masonry nails.Code Size UnitBPCERS/2.4 2.4m Box 50BPCERS/3.0 3.0m Box 50FCP/60X100 Flat Connector Plate 60 x 100mm Box of 100Display of 24 Boxes. BrightManufactured from galvanised steel (Unplated). to BS EN 10346:2009 + G275. The Code Size Unit Fine mesh expanded metal wingedpressed dimple design adds strength Pre-punched flat connectors suitableskim skim coat bead for perfectand rigidity to the component whilst BAY10602 13mm Display 24 corner alignment and ease of use.also assisting in the location of nails. BAY10604 15mm Display 24 for many timber to timber, masonrySuitable for both plasterboard andFix using 30 x 3.75mm sheradised or steel applications. Manufacturedsmooth brickwork application. square twist nails.BAY10606 20mm Display 24 from 2.5mm thick galvanised steel BAY10608 25mm Display 24 as standard. Code Size Unit Code Size UnitBAY10610 30mm Display 24 Code Unit BPCMAB/2.4 2.4m Box 50 BPCNP/50X150 50 x 150mm Box 250BAY10612 40mm Display 24 BPCFCP/60X100 Box 100 BPCMAB/3.0 3.0m Box 50 BPCNP/80X150 80 x 150mm Box 250128 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'