b'WORKWEAR & PPEFOOTWEARFOOTWEAR GLOVES WORKWEAR & PPEScruffs Cheviot Boot Scruffs Switchback NubuckScruffs Twister Nubuck BootBlack Nylon PU GlovesBoot Tan BlackHard wearing mid-ankle safety boot FOOTWEAR & GLOVESwith aluminium toe and compositeHard-wearing, all-round mid-ankleClassic mid-ankle safety boot with midsole for lightweight, flexiblework boot with high-spec S3 safetyflexible PU-to-rubber sole. Supple protection from sole penetration.rating. Soft Nubuck upper defendstextile and Nubuck leather upper Water-resistant upper providesagainst light moisture. Steel toewith padded tongue and collar defence against light moisture. Heat- and composite midsole providesdeliver optimised fit and support. resistant sole and underfoot shocklightweight protection. Poron?Slip-resistant for safe working.Electron Gloves offer fantastic fit absorption reduces stress on the footsock provides extra cushioning forHeat-resistant sole provides extramaking them perfect when you and ankle. Poron sock provides extraadded underfoot comfort and shockcomfort and protection in hotneed great sensitivity and dexterity. cushioning underfoot. Soft paddedabsorption, reducing stress on theworking environments. MicrofreshWith a PU coating for extra grip, sole, tongue and ankle collar combinefoot and ankle. Durable moulded toetechnology prevents the growth ofthese gloves are ideal for precision for constant comfort. Antistatic toreduces scuffing. Slip-resistant formould to reduce odours. tasks such as small scale assembly prevent electrostatic build-up. Slip- safe working. Antistatic to preventand tool handling.Conforms to EN resistant for safe working. electrostatic build-up, lowering theCode Size Unit 388 levels 3-1-2-1. Polyurethane Code Size Unit risk of electric shock. Heat-resistantSILT54321 6 / 39 Each palm coat. Elasticated knitted cuff. EVA rubber sole provides extraSILT54322 7 / 41 Each Silicone free.SILT53580 7 / 41 Each comfort and safety in hot working SILT53581 8 / 42 Each environments. SILT54323 8 / 42 Each Code Size UnitSILT53582 9 / 43 Each Code Size Unit SILT54324 9 / 43 Each HNH0111WP-7 7 PairSILT53583 10 / 44 Each SILT51446 7 / 41 Each SILT54325 10 / 44 Each HNH0111WP-8 8 PairSILT53585 11 / 46 Each SILT51447 8 / 42 Each SILT54326 10.5 / 44 Each HNH0111WP-9 9 PairSILT53586 12 / 47 Each SILT51448 9 / 43 Each SILT54327 11 / 46 Each HNH0111WP-10 10 PairSILT54328 12 / 47 Each HNH0111WP-11 11 PairSILT51449 10 / 44 EachScruffs Hatton Boots Tan SILT51450 11 / 46 Each Scruffs Twister Nubuck BootBlue Heavy Duty Rigger SILT51451 12 / 47 Each Tan GlovesScruffs Switchback Safety Boot BrownMid-ankle safety boot with flexible, full grain nubuck leather upper that offers great value withoutClassic mid-ankle safety boot with compromise. Composite toe andflexible PU-to-rubber sole. Supple steel midplate for protection.Hard wearing, all-round, mid-ankletextile and Nubuck leather upper Lightweight, flexible protection fromwork boot with high-spec S3 safetywith padded tongue and collarSuperior Canadian rigger glove. Grey sole penetration. Padded tonguerating. Steel toe and compositedeliver optimised fit and support.split leather palm, red cotton back, and collar for extra comfort. Slip- midsole provide lightweightSlip-resistant for safe working.rubberised cuff. Size 10 only.resistant for safe working. protection. Soft nubuck leatherHeat-resistant sole provides extra Code Size Unit upper provides water-resistantcomfort and protection in hotCode UnitSILT54360 7 / 41 Each protection from light moisture andworking environments. MicrofreshHNH11RIG2 Pairdelivers consistent comfort over longtechnology prevents the growth of SILT54361 8 / 42 Each periods. Poron sock provides extramould to reduce odours. Cotton Back/Chrome Leather SILT54362 9 / 43 Each cushioning, and durable moulded toeCode Size Unit Gloves C4SILT54363 10 / 44 Each protects against scuffs. Anti-static with heat-resistant EVA rubber soles.SILT51459 7 / 41 EachSILT54364 11 / 46 Each Slip-resistant with underfoot shockSILT51460 8 / 42 EachSILT54365 12 / 47 Each absorption to reduce stress on theSILT51461 9 / 43 Eachfeet and ankles.SILT51462 10 / 44 EachCode Size Unit SILT514625 10.5 / 45 EachSILT51452 7 / 41 Each SILT51463 11 / 46 EachSILT51453 8 / 42 Each SILT51464 12 / 47 EachSILT51454 9 / 43 EachSILT51455 10 / 44 EachSILT51456 11 / 46 EachSILT51457 12 / 47 Each A split leather palm offers strength and durability whilst the cotton backing helps to keep your hands OPEN A WHOLESALEcool whilst you work. Ideal for general and light handling.FIND US ONACCOUNT TODAY Code UnitTWITTERHNHCOTTON Pair@HNewtonHale UP TO 30 DAYS FREE CREDIT. GET BENEFITS, GET DISCOUNTS.Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 569'