b'HAND TOOLSSCREWDRIVERSSCREWDRIVERS HAND TOOLSINSULATED SCREWDRIVERS MECHANICS SCREWDRIVERSilverline VDE Soft-GripSilverline 598497 InsulatedStanley 0-65-443 FatmaxSilverline 324731 Mechanics Electricians Screwdriver Screwdriver Set Assorted 5pc Insulated Screwdriver Set 6pcScrewdriver Set 11pcPozi & ParallelSCREWDRIVERSInsulated chrome vanadium shaft. Hardened and tempered, blackened tip ensures optimum performance. Ergonomic 2-tone soft-grip handle for optimum torque transfer and increased comfort in use. Dual- Insulated chrome vanadium shaft component handle for precisewith hardened and tempered tip. Set fingertip control and safe gripincludes: slotted 3.5 x 75mm, 4.0 x under all conditions. VDE certified100mm and 5.0 x 125mm; Phillips for live line working up to 1000VNo.1 x 100 and No.2 x 100mm. Hardened chrome vanadium steel AC. Individually tested to 10,000V100% individually tested to 1,000shanks, satin-finished with blackened according to IEC60900:2012. Code Unit volts. Red handles ensure easymagnetic tips. Injection moulded SIL598497 Each identification of VDE screwdriver. plastic handles with square profile. Code Size Unit Ideal for mechanics, engineers and Code UnitPhillips Silverline 918535 Soft GripDIYers. Includes slotted 6 x 38, SIL654832 PH0 x 75 Each Insulated Screwdriver Set 11pc STA065443 Each 5 x 75, 6 x 100, 8 x 150 and 9.5 x 200mm, Phillips PH2 x 38, PH1 x 75, SIL899786 PH1 x 80 Each Stanley 5-62-573 Fatmaxand PH2 x 100mm and Pozidriv PZ2 SIL854359 PH2 x 10 Each Insulated Screwdriver Setx 38, PZ1 x 75 and PZ2 x 100mm SIL937106 PH3 x 15 Each 10pc screwdrivers.Pozidriv Code UnitSIL759249 PZ0 x 75 Each SIL324731 SetSIL707246 PZ1 x 80 EachSIL511076 PZ2 x 10 Each MULTI BIT SCREWDRIVERSSIL536489 PZ3 x 15 Each Silverline (599368) Angle Slotted Insulated chrome vanadium shaftsScrewdriver Bit Holder Set SIL802857 0.5 x 3 Each with hardened and tempered tips. Set includes: slotted 2.5 x 75mm, 3 x12pce 12pceSIL716610 0.8 x 4 Each 100mm, 4 x 100mm, 5 x 125mm, 6 x SIL460213 1.0 x 5.5 Each 150mm and 8 x 175mm; Phillips PH0 SIL438986 1.2 x 6.5 Each x 60, PH0 x 75, PH1 x 80, PH1 x 100 and PH2 x 100mm.100% individually tested to 1,000 Silverline (928227) VDE Soft- Code Unit volts. Soft grip handleperfect Grip Electricians ScrewdriverSIL918535 Each combination of great grip plus Set 7pce reduces fatigue.Silverline 993043 InsulatedCode UnitSoft-Grip Screwdriver Set 7pc Strong, sturdy steel construction STA562573 Each with corrosion-resistant plating and durable, soft-grip coating for control Stanley Fatmax Insulatedand comfort during use. Drives hard-Parallel Screwdriver to-reach screws with ease. Length 105 x 30mm with 1/4 hex bit holder on both ends. Includes driver, bit Insulated chrome vanadium shafts.holder, and 10 x hex bits: slotted 4, 5, Hardened and tempered, blackened6mm; crosshead PZ0, PZ1, PZ2, PZ3; tips ensure optimum performance.and Trx T25, T27, T35.Ergonomic 2-tone soft-grip handlesCode Unitfor optimum torque transfer andInsulated chrome vanadium shaftsIndividually tested to 10,000 volts SIL599368 Eachincreased comfort in use. Dual- with hardened and tempered tips. component handles for preciseSet includes: slotted 2.5 x 75mm, Large diameter handle fingertip control and safe grip under4.0 x 100mm, 5 x 125mm and 6 x Soft grip handle Silverline (604934) T-Handle all conditions. VDE certified for live150mm; Phillips No.0 x 75mm, No.1 xRatchet Screwdriver 160mmline working up to 1000V AC. Tested to100mm and No.2 x 100mm.Smooth domed end 10,000V according to IEC60900:2012.Chrome vanadium steel barCode UnitCode Unit SIL993043 EachColour coded ends make it easy to identify the correct screwdriver for SIL928227 Each each screw typeSilverline Soft-Grip Insulated Silverline 228548 Soft- GripScrewdriver Code Size UnitInsulated Screwdriver PhillipsSTA065410 2.5 x 50mm EachPH2 x 100mm STA065411 3.5 x 75mm EachSTA065412 4 x 100mm Each Durable chrome vanadium steel Insulated chrome vanadium shaft withSTA065413 5.5 x 150mm Each blades, 2-tone soft-grip handle and hardened and tempered tip. 2-colourSTA065414 PH0 x 75mm Each 2-way ratchet mechanism with lock soft-grip handle. Screwdriver slotted. STA065415 PH1 x 100mm Each function. Sliding blade holder and Insulated chrome vanadium shaftsecond blade position on side of with hardened and tempered PhillipsCode Size Unit STA065416 PH2 x 125mm Each handle. 160mm long blades (5mm tip. 2-colour soft-grip handle. SIL196556 2.5 x 75mm Each STA065417 PZ0 x 75mm Each slotted and PZ2).Code Unit SIL783120 3mm x 75mm Each STA065418 PZ1 x 100mm Each Code UnitSIL228548 Each SIL793791 4mm x 100mm Each STA065419 PZ2 x 125mm Each SIL604934 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 301'