b'HAND TOOLSBOLSTERS & COLD CHISELSHAND TOOLSBOLSTERS & COLD CHISELS BOLT / SCREW EXTRACTOR SETSCOLD CHISELS PLUGGING CHISELSHilka 37840005 HSS Screw Silverline Cold Chisel Stanley 4-18-332 Fatmax ColdEclipse CB827V Plug ChiselDrill Extractor Set 5pcChisel 10x5/8BOLSTERS & COLD CHISELS & BOLT / SCREW EXTRACTOR SETSForged single piece steel with6.35mm (1/4) Plugging Chiseloctagonal shaft and hardened andCode Unittempered blade.Durable paintedModified parabolic striking end forNEICB827V/07 Eachfinish protects against corrosion.For shaping, splitting and chippinggreater resistance to mushrooming bricks, stone and other masonryand chipping Silverline 59841 PluggingContains sizes 0,1,2,3,4.materials.Bi-material hand guard forChisel 250mmincreased comfort and protectionCode UnitCode Size Unit from overstrike. HIL37840005 EachSIL63345 12 x 200mm EachHardened, quenched & temperedSIL86849 19 x 200mm Each to precise specifications for addedHilka 37855006 Screw SIL67502 19 x 250mm Each safety Extractor Set 6pcForged from chrome vanadium SIL42752 25 x 250mm Each steel for increased strength and SIL24494 25 x 300mm Each durability and less grinding For removal of mortar and cement SIL45689 25 x 450mm Each Stanley blade holds its edge longerin preparation for repointing. so saves time re-sharpening Octagonal shaft and hardened, tempered blade.Silverline Cold Chisel withCode Size UnitGuard STA418332 12 Each Code UnitSIL59841 EachYellow Cold ChiselSilverline PC44 Plugging Chisel with Guard 250mmRemoves broken or damaged screws and bolts.Code UnitHIL37855006 EachSolid forged and hardened withMade to BS3066. Hot Gouge fromPriory 951S5 Screw Extractor strong flexible hand guards. high quality Carbon steel, hardened5pc SetCode Size Unit tempered and hand ground.SILPC48 19 x 250mm Each Code Size Unit Impact-absorbing hand guard, high SILPC51 25 x 250mm Each strength octagonal shaft and tough, CHT413 1 x 10 Each hardened and tempered blade.SILPC52 25 x 300mm Each CHT414 1 x 12 EachCode UnitStanley 4-18-298 3 Piece ColdSCUTCH CHISEL SILPC44 EachChisel SetSilverline 250564 ScutchBOLT / SCREW Chisel 200mm EXTRACTOR SETSHilka Stud Screw Extractor 8pc Code Size UnitPRI951S5 19mm EachSilverline 371762 Screw Strong carbon steel shaft suitableExtractor Set 12pcfor 25mm wide scutch combs. For dressing bricks and keying surfaces prior to rendering. Overall length 200mm.Code UnitSIL250564 Each Quality chrome vanadium steelHardened, quenched and temperedGARDENING &for long life and added safety OUTDOOR Increased strength and durabilityMade from high grade tool steel andfor retained accuracy whenSee pages covers all popular sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, marking out centre lines, hole155-194 13, 19, 24mm diameter with handy locations and pilot drill startingcarrying case. Suitable for removingIncludes 3-6, 6-8, 8-11, 11-14, 14-18 points studs 3-26mm. and 18-25.Code Unit Code Price* Unit Code UnitSTA418298 Each HIL12400008 12.08 Each SIL371762 Each222 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'