b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL BLADESPOWER TOOL BLADES POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESMULTI-CUTTER BLADESTriton (291353) Carbide- Triton (358057) Multi-ToolTriton (475639) TungstenTriton (914924) EVA Hook & Tipped Saw Blade 65mm Box Cutter Twin Gang Carbide Finger Rasp 50mm Loop Sanding Pad 93mmUniversal open-backed design forUniversal open-backed design for grout and mortar removal. CompatibleUniversal open-backed design for usegrout and mortar removal. CompatibleUniversal open-backed design with with tool-free, quick-change andon plasterboard, wood and plastic.with tool-free, quick-change andhook and loop abrasive system. standard multi-tool machines. AlsoIdeal for fitting twin-gang dry-liningstandard multi-tool machines. AlsoCompatible with tool-free, quick-compatible with Triton, GMC andboxes, metal boxes and pattresses.compatible with Triton, GMC andchange and standard multi-tool Silverline Oscillating Multi-Tools, andCompatible with Silverline, GMC andSilverline Oscillating Multi-Tools, andmachines. Also compatible with Triton, POWER TOOL BLADESwith most leading brands. Triton Oscillating Multi-Tools, and alsowith most leading brands. GMC and Silverline Oscillating Multi-tool-free, quick-change and standardCode Unit Tools, and with most leading brands.Code Unit multi-tool machines.SIL291353 Each SIL475639 Each Code UnitCode Unit SIL914924 EachTriton (296431) Carbide- SIL358057 Each Triton (752340) HCS Plunge-Tipped Segment Saw BladeCut Saw Blade 34mm Triton (930936) Bi-Metal 85mm Triton (387188) TriangularPlunge-Cut Saw Blade 10mmTungsten Carbide Rasp 75mmUniversal open-backed design for use on wood, plastic and other softUniversal open-backed design for Universal open-backed design formaterials. Compatible with tool-free,use on plasterboard, wood, plastic grout and mortar removal. Compatiblequick-change and standard multi-tooland metal profiles. Compatible with with tool-free, quick-change andUniversal open-backed design formachines. Also compatible with Triton,tool-free, quick-change and standard standard multi-tool machines. Alsogrout and mortar removal. CompatibleGMC and Silverline Oscillating Multi- multi-tool machines. Also compatible compatible with Triton, GMC andwith tool-free, quick-change andTools, and with most leading brands. with Triton, GMC and Silverline Silverline Oscillating Multi-Tools, andstandard multi-tool machines. AlsoCode Unit Oscillating Multi-Tools, and with most with most leading brands. compatible with Triton, GMC andleading brands.Silverline Oscillating Multi-Tools, andSIL752340 Each Code UnitCode Unit with most leading brands.SIL296431 Each Triton (794764) Bi-MetalSIL930936 EachCode Unit Plunge-Cut Saw Blade 32mmTriton (329184) Multi-ToolSIL387188 Each Triton (946967) HCS Plunge-Box Cutter Single Gang Cut Saw Blade 10mmTriton (468622) Bi-Metal Plunge-Cut Saw Blade 20mmUniversal open-backed design for use on plasterboard, wood, plastic and metal profiles. Compatible withUniversal open-backed design for tool-free, quick-change and standarduse on wood, plastic and other soft Universal open-backed design for useUniversal open-backed design formulti-tool machines. Also compatiblematerials. Compatible with tool-free, on plasterboard, wood and plastic.use on plasterboard, wood, plasticwith Triton, GMC and Silverlinequick-change and standard multi-tool Ideal for fitting single-gang dry-liningand metal profiles. Compatible withOscillating Multi-Tools, and with mostmachines. Also compatible with Triton, boxes, metal boxes and pattresses.tool-free, quick-change and standardleading brands. GMC and Silverline Oscillating Multi-Compatible with Silverline, GMC andmulti-tool machines. Also compatibleTools, and with most leading brands.Triton Oscillating Multi-Tools, and alsowith Triton, GMC and SilverlineCode Unittool-free, quick-change and standardOscillating Multi-Tools, and with mostSIL794764 Each Code Unitmulti-tool machines. leading brands. SIL946967 EachCode Unit Code Unit Triton (882378) Bi-Metal SIL329184 Each SIL468622 Each Segment Saw Blade 88mm Triton (975390) Stainless Steel Sealant Removal Blade 100mmOPEN A WHOLESALEACCOUNTUniversal open-backed design for use on plasterboard, wood, plasticUniversal open-backed design for TODAY and metal profiles. Compatible withuse on all types of caulk and sealant. tool-free, quick-change and standardCompatible with tool-free, quick-multi-tool machines. Also compatiblechange and standard multi-tool with Triton, GMC and Silverlinemachines. Also compatible with Triton, UP TO 30 DAYS FREE CREDIT. Oscillating Multi-Tools, and with mostGMC and Silverline Oscillating Multi-leading brands. Tools, and with most leading brands.GET BENEFITS, GET DISCOUNTS. Code Unit Code UnitSIL882378 Each SIL975390 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 483'