b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEAUTOMOTIVE HAND TOOLSAUTO ACCESSORIES AUTOMOTIVE TOOLSSilverline (426484) Car MatSilverline (660310) In CarSilverline 856594 Ice ScraperPiston Ring Pliers 1.2 - 6.4mmSet All Weather 4pce Mobile Holder 57 - 88mm & MittAUTOMOTIVENickel-plated carbon steel Spring-loaded jaw securely holdsfor corrosion resistance and Tough plastic ice scraper encased incomfortable vinyl-dipped handles. phones and other devices. Mountsan insulated nylon mitt. Fits snuglySprung mechanism for fine control. directly into vehicle dash vents.and protects hands from cold duringInstalls and removes piston rings up 360 adjustable viewing angle.scraping. One size. to 6.4mm (1/4) without twisting.Durable ABS construction. Holds devices 57-88mm wide. Code Unit Code UnitHeavy duty, non-slip, black PVC carCode Unit SIL856594 Each SIL251375 Eachmats suitable for cars, vans andSIL660310 Eachother vehicles. Protects upholstery.Silverline Inflatable Air Wedge Serpentine Belt Tool Set 8pceEasy to clean. Includes 2 x front and 2 x rear mats. Silverline (721988) Universal Magnetic Device Holder Vent-Code Unit MountedSIL426484 EachSilverline (804598) Universal Bulb Kit 10pce Chrome-plated and powder-coated carbon steel for corrosion resistance. Releases and tensions serpentine belt tensioners in confined, very Strong polyethylene body withtight spaces. Long-reach 585mm Holds phones and devices usingreinforced core prevents bucklinghandle and 220mm extension. metal plate supplied. Mounts directlyand bending. Ideal for positioningIncludes extra-shallow 15, 16 and onto vehicle dash vents. 360heavy appliances, opening car doors,18mm sockets and 13, 14 and 15mm adjustable viewing angle. Durableinstalling windows and more. Valvecrows foot spanners.ABS construction. for controlled inflation and deflation. Can be used as an alternative toCode UnitCode Unit plastic packers. SIL255054 EachSIL721988 Each Code Size UnitSIL676179 170 x 160mm Each Silverline (279661) Universal Bluecol Chubby Ice ScraperDrain Plug Key Set 12pce 3/8 With Silicone SqueegeeSIL975073 190 x 110mm Each / 8 - 17mm(Display Box of 20) SIL827697 270 x 130mm EachEmergency bulb and fuse kit withAUTOMOTIVE TOOLScompact, secure case. Ideal for maintenance and to carry whenPiston Ring Compressortravelling. Bulbs and fuses fit most cars. Includes: bulbs - H7, H4, H1, 501 capless, 207 12v 5w single pole, 382 12v 21w, 380 12V 21/5w and fuses10A, 15A and 20A.Code Unit This Ice Scraper has an ergonomic SIL804598 Each grip, allowing you maximum comfortHardened and tempered chrome when in use. The heavy duty plasticvanadium steel. Auto repair tools body ensures long lasting use with afor removal or replacement of oil Silverline (604411) Universalnon-flex handle. drain plugs. Contains hexagonal and Magnetic Device Holder Dash- Code Unit square-shaped keys. Includes carbon Mounted BLUCHUBBYICE Each Sprung steel band with all-steelsteel sliding T-bar; hex: 3/8, 8, 9, ratchet mechanism. For easy10, 12, 14 and 17mm sockets; square: installation of pistons into cylinders.3/8, 8, 11 and 13mm sockets; and Silverline 237290 MultiIncludes steel adjusting key. tough storage case. Weight: 1.13kg.Purpose Scraper Code Size Unit Code UnitSIL253996 54 - 127 x 75mm Each SIL279661 EachOPEN A WHOLESALEHolds phones and devices usingACCOUNT TODAYmetal plate supplied. Easy-to-use mounting attachment. 60Plastic handle and body with adjustable viewing angle. Durablebrass blade and rubber squeegee. ABS construction. Ergonomically shaped handle withUP TO 30 DAYS FREE CREDIT.finger grips. Code Unit Code Unit GET BENEFITS, GET DISCOUNTS.SIL604411 Each SIL237290 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 201'