b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESLUBRICANTS & MAINTENANCELUBRICANTS & MAINTENANCE CLEANING & HOUSEWARESAction Can SL-90HighAction Can PTFE Dry FilmAction Can Anti-Static FoamEverbuild Silicone Spray Pressure SyntheticLubricant (Food Grade H1)Cleaner A1 Food Grade 500ml 400mlLubricating Oil + PTFE 500ml 500mlLUBRICANTS & MAINTENANCE F ully syntheticH1 Food Grade certified by InSAll Purpose Silicone Spray is a dry Strong anti fling properties 1795392 FC-90 is a highly effective multi- silicone lubricant and mould releaseWide operating temperature rangesurface foam cleaner formulatedDry film lubricant agent for the easing of friction from -35C to +200C with an anti-static agent to reduce Wide operating temperature rangethe build-up of dirt and dust. Thebetween two surfaces. Multi viscosity capabilitybetween -40C to +260C (dry filmcontrolled foam breakdown liftsGood metal to metal partsonly) and loosens grime, soiling and dirtCode Unit lubricationMinimizes friction and wear from surfaces. Leaves a brightEVESILSPRAY Each Water, steam, acid and alkalis White in colour and clean in use clean surface with a pleasant fresh resistant apple fragrance. Safe for use on allAnti rust, anti corrosive and anti Silicone free plastics, metals, glass and a wideCarplan DTT400 Double TToxidant oil with PTFENon adhesive range of materials. 400mlClean and clear formulationNon toxicF ree from Silicone and CFC Code UnitCode Unit ACT2025 EachCode Unit ACT1962 EachACT1948 EachAction Can AC-90Plus-GasAction Can CG-90ClearMultipurpose LubricantGrease Lubricant + PTFE (Food Grade H1) 500mlA top quality distress maintenance spray which penetrates, lubricates, releases and protects. For use in the home, garden and workshop.Code Unit Multipurpose industrial spray TETDTT400 Eachlubricant/cleanerFood Grade certified to H1 standardStrong water and moistureCode Unitby InS 1795391 displacing action Aerosol WD40 Maintenance SprayClean and clear Penetrates rust and corrosion EAC802 400ml Each with Flexible Straw 400mlNon toxic and no odourCleans and protects all metalsTin with spoutReduced stick slip behaviour against rust EAC801 200ml EachCorrosion inhibitor built intoSuitable for electronic ignitionEAC809 250ml Eachformulation systems EAC803 500ml Each Water, steam, acid and alkali Does not contain Silicone or CFC resistantWide temperature range fromCode Unit Everbuild XT44 Maintenance -40C to +200C (applies to baseAerosol Spray 400mlproduct before aerosol packing) ACT2006 425ml EachCode Unit CanACT1955 Each ACT1224 5L EachThe original formula WD-40 Multi-OPEN AUse Product. Comes in a spray can with a 185mm, super bendy, WHOLESALE flexible metal straw. 360 valve, enabling upright or upside-down ACCOUNTuse. Suitable for jobs of all kinds. Boasts over 2,000 uses, including TODAY rust and corrosion protection for metal; loosening stuck components; displacing moisture; and general XT44 has 100s of uses around thelubrication. It can also be used to home, garage, workshop and inclean grease and grime from all UP TO 30 DAYS FREE CREDIT. industry. sorts of surfaces.GET BENEFITS, GET DISCOUNTS. Code Unit Code UnitEVEMULTI Each WD40400FLEX EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 57'