b'HAND TOOLSCHALK & LINECHALK & LINE HAND TOOLSRodo T16 Plumb Bob Silverline 250571 Fast RewindSilverline Brick Line Silverline Plumb Bob & LineChalk Line Set 3pcCHALK & LINEDecorators style plumb bobPlumb bob with 18m strong nylon to ensure accurate hanging ofFor quick and easy line marking.line. 115mm body with accurately wallpaper. Soft-grip chalk line with a 3:1 gearmachined point, knurled lockingratio for fast line retraction. IncludesStrong high visibility nylon line onscrew and corrosion-resistant finish.Code Unit 80mm long plastic line level and 113gspinning reel for easy winding and RODT16 Each of blue micro fine powdered chalk. unwinding. Code Size UnitCode Length Unit SIL250581 113g EachRST Line Pins Code Unit SILCB43 225g EachSIL250571 Each SIL633541 30m DisplaySilverline Brick Line Stanley 0-47-100 Metal Chalk Silverline 28299 Line PinsLine160mm Pack-2Line & pin sets, for use when laying bricks and blocks. Strong high visibility nylon line on spinning reel for easy winding and Code Desc. Unit unwinding.RSTRTR90P 1 Pair Card Code Length UnitSolid-forged line pins suitable for all Choice of high impact ABS or die RSTRTR91P + 50 Line Card SILCB45 30m Eachbuilding applications. cast aluminimum casesSilverline 126894 Brick Line &Code Unit SILCB44 100m EachSliding door for quick and easyBlocks 18m SIL28299 Pair refillSilverline CB61 Metal Chalk Stainless steel end hook does not Line 30m rustSilverline 388160 Garden 30g/ 1oz chalk capacityString 100m Can be used vertically as a plumb bobStainless steel end hook for added durability and rust preventionCode UnitSTA047100 EachLightweight durable aluminium casing. Can be used as a plumb bob.Stanley 0-47-443 Chalk Line Large screw-top filler cap. StrongKit 30mStrong and distinctively-colouredClassic natural twine jute string. Idealmetal claw and folding handle for orange polyethylene brick line helpsfor all gardening needs. Length 100m. easy storage.ensure brick work runs straight and true. Strong blocks keep the line inCode Unit Code Unitplace. SIL388160 Each SILCB61 EachCode Unit Silverline Marking Chalk 225gSIL126894 Each Silverline 763548 Chalk Line Set 3pcSilverline 250408 Builders Line 20m Pack-3 Kit contains 30m chalk line, 113gblue chalk High impact ABS case for durabilitySliding door for quick and easyrefillMicro fine quality chalks. Contained Stainless steel end hook does not in an airtight container with pouringrustProvides a straight guide betweenFor accurate line marking. Includesspout. 225g.2 points for marking and settingHi-Vis 16m chalk line, 115g of blue 30g/ 1oz chalk capacityout. Distinctive, strong, orangechalk in airtight container and aCode Colour UnitCan be used vertically as a plumb polyethylene. handy line level. SILCB63B Blue Each bobCode Unit Code Unit SILCB63R Red Each Code Length UnitSIL250408 Each SIL763548 Each SILCB63W White Each STA047443 30m EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 225'