b'HAND TOOLSHANDLINGHANDLING HAND TOOLSCARGO LASHES CARGO NET HOISTSSilverline 818277 LuggageSilverline Cargo Net Silverline Heavy Duty CableSilverline 264782 Electric Strap 50 x 1800mm Puller Hoist 250kg 500WHANDLINGAdjustable luggage strap with buckleEffective cable puller with dual gear fastening. operation for moving heavy, bulky Durable elastic webbing keeps looseitems or tensioning wires and cables. Code Unit items secure during transit. Ideal for fencing, tree stump removal SIL818277 Each and miscellaneous installation and Code Size Unit alignment tasks. Heavy duty 3m SIL140818 12 (300mm) Each steel cable with drop-forged steelLifts 125kg to 11m or full 250kg to Silverline Rubber HandledSIL140820 36 (900mm) Each hooks and safety latches. 5.5m (using supplied return pulley). Ratchet Tie Down Strap Code Desc. Unit Safety features include thermostatic Silverline (441323) TrailerSIL361253 2000kg Each overload cut-out, auto switch-off lever and emergency stop switch.Net Hooks & Stainless SteelSIL360375 3500kg EachFixings 12pk Code Size UnitSilverline (433531) Gin WheelSIL264782 250kg Each254mm 250kgSilverline Chain BlockDurable weather-resistant straps with steel J-hooks, rubber-coated ratchet handle and release catch. Conforms to BS EN12195.Strong, durable plastic hooks and Code Size Unit stainless steel fixings. Pre-drilled 3m x 30mm and ready to screw down or rivet. SIL459875 1 Ton Each Ideal for trailers, roof racks, boats,Steel wheel (254mm/10 dia) caravans and other vehicles. Secureswith drop-forged swivel eyebolt. 6m x 38mm cargo nets, tarpaulins, covers, ropesSelf-lubricating pivot wheel. SIL453254 2 Ton Each and bungee cords. Dimensions (LManufactured and certified toSmall, lightweight chain block for x W x H): 43 x 37 x 25mm. FixingBS1692:1998 and Machineryuse in restricted spaces. Includes SIL346857 3 Ton Each hole diameter 4.8mm. Self-tappingDirective 2006/42/EC. Ideal for usemechanical load brake. Hardened 8m x 50mm screws 3.5 x 17mm. by contractors, roofers, scaffoldersalloy steel chains. Heat treated SIL356874 4 Ton Each and builders. Load capacity 250kgand ground gears, shafts and Code Unit (1/4 tonne) with safety factorpinions. Tested and certified to CE SIL846125 5 Ton Each SIL441323 Each 4:1 (load capacity 50kg only onspecifications. 2.5m lift height.scaffolding). Suitable for use withCode Size UnitSilverline MS21S Cargo LashSilverline Cargo Net Silverline Gin Wheel Rope with HookSIL633705 1 Ton Each300kg 4.5m x 25mm 20m x 18mm.SIL868692 2 Ton EachCode UnitSIL433531 Each SIL675191 3 Ton EachSIL282517 5 Ton EachSilverline (865628) Gin WheelSilverline 407455 Hoist Rope with Hook 20m x 18mm Support Arm 600kgHeavy duty polypropylene webbing. Quick release high tension handle. Conforms to BS EN12195.Code Size UnitSILMS21S 300kg Each High-strength, 3-strand, syntheticSturdy hoist support frame with 20m lifting rope with 2.5 tonne43mm square tubing for mounting Strong UV-stabilised polypropylene(2500kg) breaking strength. Fittedan electric hoist. 18 angle yarn net with elastic rope surround.with 2 tonne (2000kg) capacity steeladjustment across the horizontal SEALANTS &For securing loads on roof racks,swivel karabiner with safety latch.plane. 1.1m maximum extension ADHESIVES trailers, vans and bicycles. AttachesStainless steel reinforcing thimblefrom the mounting surface. 600kg to existing hooks on trailers andeyelet. Long-life polypropylenemaximum load. Secures to 48.3mm See pages vehicles. Supplied in reusable zipped(PP) multifilament rope with gooddiameter scaffolding tubes. For use 533-558 storage bag. Mesh width 45 x 45mmchemical and fatigue resistance.with Silverline 500W Electric Hoist with 3mm rope diameter. Weight 4kg. Suitable for use with250kg and Silverline 900W Electric Code Size Unit Silverline Gin Wheel 254mm 250kg. Hoist 500kg.SIL367667 1.5 x 2.2m Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL974072 2 x 3m Each SIL865628 Each SIL407455 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 247'