b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLS HAND TOOLSKEYS & SPANNERSMonument 339C Multi HeadSecurit S6847 4 Way UtilitySilverline (355555) TapSilverline 714552 Mini Crutch Stopcock Key 42 Key Zinc Plated Installation Tool 8 - 12mm Stopcock Key 222mmPLUMBERS TOOLSAdds extra leverage and reach to Securit S68474 Way utility key ZP access stopcock valves in awkward Code Unit locations. Fits stopcocks from 1/2 Durable steel tube body with corrosion- upwards. Hex shaft and removable MPSS6847 Each resistant, powder-coated finish. Tiltingtommy bar enables connection to Used for turning on and off externalhandle for use on basin tap-back nutssocket and ratchet handle.1/2 5/8 and 3/4in Crutch stopcocksSecurit S6848 Radiator Keyin confined spaces. Interchangeable which can be difficult to reach. TheBrass heads ensure compatibility withCode Unitturning handle has one chisel end formost single-lever taps. Hollow designSIL714552 Eachlifting covers and has a painted finish. accommodates the longest threaded rods. 13mm hexagonal drive and 8, 9,Silverline Manhole Keys T-End Code Unit 10, 11 and 12mm heads. 2pcMON339C-1 Each Code UnitMonument 4534X Grip+Securit S6848Radiator key brass SIL355555 EachDouble Hex Fittings 27x32mm Code Unit Silverline Manhole Cover Keys MPSS6848 Each Pack-2Heavy duty, zinc-plated carbon steel T-end lifting keys with robust, closed-Silverline (846117) Cast Ironhandle construction. Lifts heavy Head Combination Stopcockmanhole covers and access panels. Key 1150mm Shaped ends fit most standard 27x32mm double-ended nickelcovers. Nominal size of key end lug plated hexagonal fitting tool. Fits(L x W x H): 32 x 15 x 5mm.most radiator valves, back nut boxHeavy duty, zinc-plated carbon steelCode Size Unitspanners, taps, pumps and cabinets.T-end lifting keys with robust, closed-Use with the Monument 323F Taphandle construction. Lifts heavySIL451075 520mm EachBack Nut Box spanner. Universal 4-in-1 steel key withmanhole covers and access panels.SIL639345 620mm Eachcast-iron head. Corrosion-resistantShaped ends fit most standard Code Unit powder-coated finish. Excellentcovers. Nominal size of key end lugSilverline MS134 4-Way MON4534X Each leverage, high torque and long reach.(L x W x H): 32 x 15 x 5mm.T-handle incorporates lifting tool. ForUtilities Key 70mmswitchingwater supply off and on byCode Size UnitMonument 4562P Grip+ Triplerotating the external stopcock. SIL224675 320mm EachHex Fittings 8-13mmCode Unit SIL225954 170mm EachSIL846117 EachSilverline 349878 Manhole Silverline (671754) RadiatorKey Bent 215mmCompatible with water, electric and Bleed & Vent Key 4pk gas service cabinets.Code UnitSILMS134 EachHeavy duty, zinc-plated carbon steel lifting keys with robust,Silverline MS135 Combination Pair of stepped 8, 9 and 10mmclosed-handles. Lifts light-duty & 11, 12 and 13mm Nickel Platedmanhole covers and access panels.Stopcock Key 1000mmHexagonal Fittings. Connect toCompatible with recessed tray-type swivel handle, extending the reachZinc alloy radiator keys for bleedingcovers and many other manhole of box spanners, for easier access toand draining most radiators. 5mmand drain covers in the home and Monobloc tap back nuts. square socket fits standard bleedgarden. Single key. Nominal size of Code Unit valves. Compact design allows use inkey end lug (L x Dia): 20 x 10mm. Strong steel stopcock key. 1000mm MON4562P Each confined areas. Code Unit long fits most 1/2 and 3/4 stopcocks. Pointed handle for Code Unit SIL349878 Each opening stopcock covers.Monument Manhole Keys SIL671754 EachSilverline 494988 Gulley &Code UnitSilverline 868537 ManholeDrain Cover Key 700mm SILMS135 EachKeys 125mm Pack-2 Silverline Radiator Bleed KeyHeavy duty, zinc-plated carbon steel lifting key with robust closed handle. Heavy duty manhole cover liftingLifts heavy roadside storm drains, keys with retangular shaped endsMalleable iron. T-handle andgullies and manhole covers. Nominal and triangular handle. Zinc plated. D-shaped end. Use for lifting ironsize of key end lug (L x W x Dia): 45Solid brass radiator bleed key.Code Size Unit manhole covers. x 33 x 16mm. Code UnitMONMLK12 12 (300mm) Pair Code Unit Code Unit SIL282448 EachMONMLK20 20 (508mm) Pair SIL868537 Pair SIL494988 Each SIL427586 Pk 2Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 277'