b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIESSilverline 267204 Hobby ToolSilverline 349758 Hobby ToolSilverline 557277 SegmentSilverline 633973 Flexi Drill Kit 216pc Accessory Kit 105pc Saw Blade 88mm Extension 1041mmFlexible drill extension with 6mm Universal open-backed design. Forkeyless chuck. 1041mm long drive Includes cutting and grindingshaft. Max speed: 6,000rpm.wheels and stones, burrs, sandingFor use with Silverline and otheruse on plasterboard, wood, plastic drums, felt polishing felt tips andmulti-use craft tools. All mandrelsand metal profiles. Compatible withCode Unitcompound. For model and jewelleryare 3.1mm dia. Contains cuttingSilverline, GMC and Triton OscillatingSIL633973 Eachmaking, arts and crafts, home decor,wheels, grinding wheels, stones,Multi-Tools, and also tool-free, quick-HOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIES car care, woodworking, DIY andsanding drums, polishers, buffingchange, and standard multi tool restoration. For use on ceramics,machines. Silverline 656628 Steel wheels and polishing compound.Cutting Disc Kit 22mm 6pctiles, stone, glass, plastics, fibreglass,For precise craft work, model andCode Unitmetals, alloys and wood. Compatiblejewellery making, car care and with most rotary tools includingwoodworking. SIL557277 EachSilverline, GMC and Dremel. Mandrel 3.17mm. Max 28,000rpm. Code Unit Silverline 580466 Steel Code Unit SIL349758 Each Brush Set 3pcSIL267204 Each Silverline 457038 HSS Router Cutter Set 3.1mm Dia Mandrel5 x 22mm dia steel cutting discs and Silverline 282582 CircularPack-6 1 x 3.1mm dia mandrel. Max speed Grinding Wheel Set 3pc 28,000rpm.Code UnitSIL656628 EachWith fitted 3.1mm dia mandrels. Brush dia: 5, 15 and 19mm. MaxSilverline 675272 Drum speed 28,000rpm. Sanding Kit 12pcCode Unit3 grinding heads with 3.1mm fittedSIL580466 Eachmandrels. Wheel diameters: 9, 10 and2, 3, 5 and 7 x 2mm and point HSS 15mm. Max speed 28,000rpm. router bits with 3.1mm dia mandrels. Max speed 28,000rpm. Silverline 580480 Resin Code Unit Cutting Disc Kit 31mm 6pcSIL282582 Each Code UnitSIL457038 Each Five 1/2 x 1/2 drums, five 1/4 x 1/2 Silverline 289416 Caulkdrums, with two drum mandrels. Max Removal Blade 100mm speed 28,000rpm.Code UnitSIL675272 EachSilverline 719801 Rubber 5 x 31mm dia resin cutting discs withPolishing Tip Set 6pk1 x 3.1mm dia mandrel. Max speed Universal open-backed design. For28,000rpm.use on all kinds of caulk and sealant.Code UnitCompatible with Silverline, GMC and Triton Oscillating Multi-Tools, andSIL580480 Eachalso tool-free, quick-change, and standard multi tool machines. Silverline 609074 General6 rubber polishing tips with fitted Code Unit Purpose Cutting Accessory3.1mm dia mandrels. Max speed Kit 3pc 28,000rpm.SIL289416 EachCode UnitSilverline 309049 SandingSIL719801 EachPad 93mmSilverline 719813 Vented Diamond Cutting Disc Kit 22mm 6pcGeneral purpose accessory kit for Universal open-backed design.cutting ceramic tiles, composite Hook and loop abrasive system.board, soft wood and plastic. For use Compatible with Silverline, GMC andwith the Silverstorm Multi-Cutter. Triton Oscillating Multi-Tools, andA WIDE RANGEIncludes 64mm steel round blade,5 vented 22mm dia diamond-tipped also tool-free, quick-change, andOF PRODUCTS TO65mm steel sector blade and 88mmcutting discs, with 1 x 3.1mm dia standard multi tool machines. SUIT YOUR NEEDS steel static blade. mandrel. Max speed 28,000rpm.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL309049 Each SIL609074 Each SIL719813 Each472 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'