b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSDRILL BITS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHSS DRILL BITSDormer A002 HSS Tin Drill Bit Heller Cobalt HSS Drill BitCode Size Unit Code Size UnitDORA0023.2 3.20mm Each DORA0029/32 9/32 EachDORA0023.3 3.30mm Each DORA00217/64 17/64 EachDORA0023.5 3.50mm Each DORA0027.5 7.50mm EachDORA0023.8 3.80mm Each DORA0028.0 8.00mm EachDORA0029/64 9/64 Each DORA00221/64 21/64 EachDORA0024.0 4.00mm Each DORA0025/16 5/16 EachDORA00211/64 11/64 Each DORA0028.5 8.50mm EachDORA0025/32 5/32 Each DORA0029.0 9.00mm EachA002 HSS TiN Tip Coated JobberDORA0024.1 4.10mm Each DORA00211/32 11/32 EachDrill. Features self-centring split- DORA0024.2 4.20mm Each DORA00223/64 23/64 Each The premium solution for the DRILL BITSpoint for excellent positionaltoughest challenges in stainless accuracy and hole quality. TiN tipDORA0024.3 4.30mm Each DORA0029.5 9.50mm Each steel and metal. The HSS-CO Cobalt coating for extended tool life andDORA0024.5 4.50mm Each DORA00210.0 10.00mm Each is made of a special HSS steel with a increased performance (2.0mm andDORA0023/16 3/16 Each DORA0023/8 3/8 Each 5% cobalt content. Precise response above). Will drill up to 4xD in steel,when positioning the bit due to stainless, cast iron, plastics andDORA0024.8 4.80mm Each DORA00213/32 13/32 Each its split point and 135 point angle many other materials with ease.DORA0024.9 4.90mm Each DORA00225/64 25/64 Each as well as excellent dimensional Code Size Unit DORA0025.0 5.00mm Each DORA00210.2 10.20mm Each accuracy also characterize this drill DORA0021.0 1.00mm Each DORA00213/64 13/64 Each DORA00210.5 10.50mm Each bit. The HSS-Co Cobalt also scores with its excellent concentricity acc. DORA0021.5 1.50mm Each DORA0025.1 5.10mm Each DORA00211.0 11.00mm Each to DIN 1414. Unbeatable in high-alloy DORA0021/16 1/16 Each DORA0025.5 5.50mm Each DORA00211.5 11.50mm Each steel and stainless steel - the perfect solution for the most challenging DORA0022.0 2.00mm Each DORA0027/32 7/32 Each DORA00212.0 12.00mm Each drilling.DORA0023/32 3/32 Each DORA0026.0 6.00mm Each DORA00231/64 31/64 Each Code Size UnitDORA0025/64 5/64 Each DORA0021/4 1/4 Each DORA00215/32 15/32 Each HEL212519 1.0mm Box-10DORA0022.5 2.50mm Each DORA00215/64 15/64 Each DORA0021/2 1/2 Each HEL212564 1.5mm Box-10DORA0027/64 7/64 Each DORA0026.5 6.50mm Each DORA0027/16 7/16 Each HEL212618 2.0mm Box-10DORA0023.0 3.00mm Each DORA0026.8 6.80mm Each DORA00212.5 12.50mm Each HEL212663 2.5mm Box-10DORA0021/8 1/8 Each DORA0027.0 7.00mm Each DORA00213.0 13.00mm Each HEL212717 3.0mm Box-10HEL212762 3.5mm Box-10Dormer A100 HSS Drill Bits Dormer A110 HSS Long SeriesHEL212816 4.0mm Box-10Code Size Unit Drill Bit HEL212861 4.5mm Box-10HEL212915 5.0mm Box-10DORA1005.0 5.00mm EachHEL212960 5.5mm Box-10DORA1003/32 3/32 EachHEL213011 6.0mm Box-10DORA1003/16 3/16 EachHEL213066 6.5mm Box-10DORA1005.1 5.10mm EachHEL213110 7.0mm Box-10DORA1005.2 5.20mm EachHEL213165 7.5mm Box-10DORA1005.5 5.50mm EachHEL213219 8.0mm Box-10DORA1006.0 6.00mm EachHEL213264 8.5mm Box-10DORA1001/4 6mm EachHEL213318 9.0mm Box-10DORA1007/32 1/4 EachHEL213363 9.5mm Box-10DORA1006.2 7/32 EachA100 HSS Jobber drill ideal forA110 HSS Long Series Drill. GeneralHEL213417 10.0mm Box-10general machining applications inDORA1006.5 6.50mm Each purpose long reach drills. SuitableHEL213431 10.5mm Box-5almost all material types. Blue finishDORA1006.8 6.80mm Each for drilling up to 6 x diameter in (bright below 1mm, 3/64?). DORA1007.0 7.00mm Each most materials. 118 degree pointHEL213448 11.0mm Box-5Code Size Unit DORA1007.5 7.50mm Each geometry and steam temperedHEL213455 11.5mm Box-5finish. HEL213462 12.0mm Box-5DORA1001/64 1/64 Each DORA1008.0 8.00mm Each Code Size Unit HEL213479 12.5mm Box-5DORA1001/32 1/32 Each DORA1008.5 8.50mm Each DORA1103.0 3.00mm Each HEL213486 13.0mm Box-5DORA1002.0 2.00mm Each DORA1008.6 8.60mm EachDORA1002.5 2.50mm Each DORA1009.0 9.00mm Each DORA1104.0 4.00mm EachDORA1003.0 3.00mm Each DORA10010.0 3/8 Each DORA1105.0 5.00mm EachDORA1001/8 3mm Each DORA1003/8 10mm Each DORA1106.0 6.00mm EachDORA1003.1 3.10mm Each DORA10010.2 10.20mm Each DORA1101/4 1/4 EachDORA1003.2 3.20mm Each DORA10010.5 10.50mm Each DORA1105/16 5/16 EachDORA1003.3 3.30mm Each DORA10010.7 10.70mm Each DORA1103/8 3/8 EachDORA1003.5 3.50mm Each DORA10011.0 11.00mm Each DORA1109/16 9/16 EachDORA1004.0 4.00mm Each DORA10011.5 11.50mm Each DORA1105/8 5/8 EachDORA1005/32 1/8 Each DORA10012.0 12.00mm EachDORA1004.2 4.20mm Each DORA1001/2 1/2 Each FIND US ON DORA1004.5 4.50mm Each DORA10012.5 12.50mm Each TWITTER DORA1004.9 4.90mm Each DORA10013.0 13.00mm Each @HNewtonHaleOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 463'