b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESHEAT & FIRE SILICONEHEAT & FIRE SILICONE LUBRICANTS & MAINTENANCE MASTIC SEALANTS & ADHESIVESEverbuild Fire Mate White3 In 1 Oil Aerosol 200ml WD40 Maintenance SprayEverbuild 103 Trowel Mastic Intumescent C3 with Smart Straw 3kg3-IN-ONEs original spray oil provides Fire Mate Sealant is an intumescenta specially formulated lubricant inThe original formula WD-40 Multi-HEAT & FIRE SILICONE, LUBRICANTS & MAINTENANCE & MASTICa convenient aerosol can. It cleansTrowel Mastic is a premium oil based acrylic sealant that swells whenas well as protecting surfaces fromUse Product. Displaces moisture andmastic for perimeter pointing around exposed to temperatures in excessrust and corrosion. It can be used tohumidity, prevents rust, and drieswood and metal window and door of 125C to prevent the passage ofclean metal, lubricate moving partsout electrical systems, Adheres toframes.fire and smoke and has a fire ratingany surface, penetrates water, rust, of up to 4 hours in certain jointor stop squeaks. Available in 100mlcorrosion, grease or dirt. LoosensCode Colour Unitconfigurations. Fire rated to BS 476and 200ml cans. ? stuck parts. Lubricates to make Part 20/EN1366-4 (2006). AcousticCode Unit equipment run smoothly and loosensEVETROWRD Red Eachrates to BS EN ISO 140/3. Tested formechanisms. Cleaner removesEVETROWST Stone Eachair permeability to EN13141-1. WD444009-12 Each oil, dirt, grease and grime. Anti-Code Unit corrosion - protects metal from rustEverbuild 903 Bitumen Trowel 3 In 1 Oil Spout Tin and corrosion with a protective film.MasticEVEFIRE Each Silicone, PTFE and resin-free.Everbuild Heat Mate SiliconeCode Size UnitC3 WD40300 300ml EachWD40450SS 450ml EachWD40 Spray3-IN-ONEs original drip oil lubricates,Bitumen Trowel Mastic is a cleans and prevents rust. Itstrowel applied black heavily filled precise, easy-to-use drip spoutbituminous compound with added Heat Mate Sealant is a high modulusenables precise lubrication, with nofibres for reinforcement. The permanently flexible 100% siliconeoverspray or splatter. It can be usedproduct forms a surface skin, but which is temperature resistant up toon in-line skates, tools, bicycles,the mass below remains soft to allow 300C. Ideal for sealing industrialwheels, fans and moving parts. for moderate movement. Suitable and high performance gaskets, ovenThe original formula WD-40 Multi- for sealing and filling holes in mastic doors etc. Code Size Unit Use Product. Comes in a sprayasphalt, roofing felt, corrugated iron, can with Smart Straw for precisemetal guttering and downpipes.Code Colour Unit WD444009 100ml Each or wide dispersion. 360 valve, WD444232 200ml Each enabling upright or upside-downCode Size UnitEVEHEAT Red Each use. Suitable for jobs of all kinds. EVE90301 1L EachEVEHTSBK Black Each Kasp 50g Dry MicrofineBoasts over 2,000 uses, includingEVE90302 2.5L Eachrust and corrosion protection for Graphite Powder Lock &metal; loosening stuck components;EVE90305 5L EachEverbuild Lead MatePadlock Lubricant displacing moisture; and general Patination Oil 500ml lubrication. It can also be used to Everbuild General Purpose clean grease and grime from allBuilding Mastic C3sorts of surfaces.Code Size UnitWD40100 100ml EachWD4600 600ml EachWD40 Tin & Sprayer 5LLead Mate Patination Oil has beenThe Kasp K30050 Microfine Graphite specially formulated to provide aPowder is ideal for Lubricating and protective coating for newly installedFreeing up Car Doors, Padlocks, leadwork that helps to preventCylinder Door Locks and moving115 GP Building Mastic is a traditional the white carbonate staining thatParts.The Best Lubricant for all typesoil based pointing mastic that affects new lead and surroundingof locks including car door locksprovides an effective weatherproof tiles, brickwork, stonework etc. Justand outside padlocks as being dryseal. Typically used to seal composite one coat of Patination Oil also helpsit cannot freeze.Long Lasting andsectional panels and low movement to provide a uniform, attractivefor Smooth Lock Operation.Dry,vertical building joints.appearance to newly installed leadMicrofine, Greaseless and OdourlessThe original formula WD-40 and helps the ageing process whilstLubricating Powder.Supplied in aMulti-Use Product. Comes in a 5LCode Colour Unitthe natural patina of the lead is50g dispenser with a fine dispensingcontainer and sprayer. Suitable forEVEMASBN Brown Eachbeing formed. spout for ease of use. jobs of all kinds. EVEMASGY Grey EachCode Size Unit Code Unit Code Unit EVEMASNL Stone EachEVEPATOIL05 500ml Each KASK30050 Each WD45 Each EVEMASWE White EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 547'