b'DECORATINGPAINTSDECORATINGPAINTSMATT PAINT METAL PAINT PRIMER & UNDERCOATRustins Matt Emulsion Rustins Gold Paint Rustins Red Oxide Primer Action Can RX-90 Red Oxide Anti Rust Primer Spray 500mlPAINTSQuick Dry Red Oxide Metal Primer. A low odour high performance paint containing anti-corrosive additives Rustins Quick Dry Matt EmulsionSuitable for interior & exterior use.for use on both bare and galvanised Paint is a quick drying highTouch dry in 2 hours. May be appliedmetal that is suitable for indoor and performance paint that dries to ato wood and metal and over paintedoutdoor use.Protects against rustsurfaces. Clean brushes in water.smooth matt finish. For interior useEffective on bare metal or lightly on areas they have been exposed toCode Size Unit Code Size Unit rusted metal surfaceswear and tear that need touching up. RUSGOLE100 100ml Each RUSREDOW250 250ml EachUse as an undercoat with mostCode Colour Unit RUSGOLE250 250ml Each RUSREDOW500 500ml Each popular paints250ml RUSREDOW1000 1L EachProtective basecoatRUSGOLE500 500ml EachRUSMEMLG250 Grey Each RUSREDOW2500 2.5L Each Fast drying formulaRUSMEMLM250 Magnolia Each Rustins Metal Paint RUSREDOW5000 5L Each Code UnitRUSMEMLW250 White Each ACT1855 Each500ml Rustins Metal Shine 125mlRUSMEMLG500 Grey Each Paint Factory 3071 Colour It RUSMEMLM500 Magnolia Each Quick Dry White Undercoat Paint 300mlRUSMEMLW500 White EachMETAL PAINTPaint Factory 3069 Colour It Quick Dry Black Iron GateMetal Shine cleans and shines most Paint 300ml Rustins new formula Metal Paint is ametals.low VOC paint for use on both bare and galvanised metal. It can be appliedCode Unitdirectly without the use of a primerRUSMETS125 Eachand is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for gates, metal tanks andRustins Metal Lacquer 125mlall ferrous metal surfaces. Not suitable for use under cellulose finishes.All purpose undercoat for interior Containing anti-corrosion additivesand exterior use on metal, plastic the paint has a low odour and dries toand wood. White. Quick drying to a a smooth satin finish in just 2 hours.matt finish.Brushes can be cleaned with water.Code UnitCode Size Unit RAP3071 EachBlack iron gate paint for exterior useBlackonly. Quick drying to a gloss finish.RUSMPBK250 250ml Each300ml tin. A clear UV resistant lacquer thatRustins UndercoatRUSMPBK500 500ml Each leaves a film that does not yellow Code Unit White or craze on ageing. Has excellent RAP3069 Each RUSMPWH250 250ml Each adhesion on chrome, brass, copper and silver. No more cleaning.Rustins Black Matt Paint RUSMPWH500 500ml EachCode UnitRustins Satin Black Paint RUSTRAL125 EachPaint Factory Metallic Paint 300mlHigh quality oil based undercoat, suitable for all interior and exterior woodwork. Should be used over our white primers.Code Size UnitA smooth matt black finish forProduces a smooth satin finish on wrought iron and wood. Suitablewood and metal. Suitable for interiorDark Greyfor interior and exterior use. Cleanand exterior use. Clean brushes inMetallic paint for interior andRUSDGYU250 250ml Eachbrushes in water. water. exterior use. Dries to a shimmeringRUSDGYU500 500ml EachCode Size Unit Code Size Unit metallic finish. 300ml tin. RUSDGYU1000 1L EachRUSBLAM250 250ml Each RUSSATB250 250ml Each Code Colour Unit WhiteRUSBLAM500 500ml Each RUSSATB500 500ml Each RAP2885 Shimmering Gold Each RUSWHIU250 250ml EachRUSBLAM1000 1L Each RUSSATB1000 1L Each RAP2886 Bright Silver Each RUSWHIU500 500ml Each86 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'