b'IRONMONGERYBATHROOM FITTINGSIRONMONGERYBATHROOM FITTINGSSecurit Aluminium BathroomSecurit Polished StainlessSecurit S3477 BathroomSecurit Sink Strainer Chrome Thumbturn 50mm Steel Bathroom ThumbturnThumbturn 50mm Plated50mmBATHROOM FITTINGSSecurit S3474 50mm PolishedSatin Nickel / Chrome Platedstainless steel bathroom thumbturn Securit S6821 38mm Chrome sink Code Unit Code Unit strainerThumbturn MPSS3477 EachSecurit S3034 50mm AluminiumCode Size Unitbathroom thumbturn MPSS3474 Card Securit S6364 Single TowelMPSS6821 38mm CardCode Unit Securit S2995 Cord WeightHolder Stainless Steel MPSS6822 45mm CardThumbturn Large Chrome 45mmMPSS3034 Each Securit Tap Washers BlackThumbturn with deadboltMPSS3035 EachSecurit Bathroom Lock 63mmSecurit S6364 single Towel holderSecurit S6837 12mmTap washers stainless steel blackSecurit S2995 large Chrome cordCode Size Unit Code Size Unitweight MPSS6364 Single CardMPSS6837 12mm CardCode Unit MPSS6838 19mm CardMPSS2995 Card Securit S6839 Cistern Washers Black 20mm Securit Toilet Roll HolderSecurit S2998 Modern Cord Weight Chrome 40mmSecurit S6839Cistern washers Securit 63mm bathroom lock in ablackbrass or nickel plated finish. Code Unit 135mmSecurit S2998 40mm Chrome Code Finish Unit modern cord weight MPSS6839 CardCode Colour UnitMPSS1834 Electro Brass Each Code Unit MPSS3164 Aluminium EachMPSS1836 Nickel Plate Each Securit S6869 Seat Buffers MPSS2998 Each Black MPSS3165 White EachSecurit Cord Weight Brass Securit S3467 Bathroom Turn Securit Towel Holder White& Release Polished Chrome PlatedSecurit S6869 19mm Seat buffers blackCode Size UnitSecurit S6585 medium Brass cordMPSS6869 20mm Card Securit towel holder in white.weight 52x9mm. 5mm Spindle.Code Size Unit Code Unit Securit Satin Stainless SteelCode Size UnitMPSS6585 Medium Card MPSS3467 Per Set Bathroom Thumbturn 50mm MPSS6360 Single CardMPSS6361 Double CardSecurit Plug White Securit S3468 BathroomMPSS6362 Triple CardThumbturn ReleasePolished Chrome PlatedSecurit S3424 50mm Satin stainless steel bathroom thumbturnCode Size Unit Code UnitSink Bathroom Thumbturn and Deadbolt.Thumbturn52x9mm. QUALITY TRADE MPSS6831 38mm Each MPSS3424 Card BRANDS AT LOW Bath Code Unit Thumbturn and deadboltMPSS6833 45mm Each MPSS3468 Per Set MPSS3425 Card PRICES374 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'