b'WORKWEAR & PPESAFETY HARNESSESWORKWEAR & PPESAFETY HARNESSES SOCKSRestraint Kit - Harness &Silverline (435294) ToolScrewgate Karabiner 19mm Gate Scruffs Trade Socks 3pkLanyard Lanyard with Karabiner 5kgForged alloy steel karabiner with Single-action aluminium karabinerscrew lock gate. Max gate openingThick, comfortable work socks SAFETY HARNESSES, SKIN PROTECTION, SOCKS & WORKPLACE SIGNS eliminates the danger of dropping19mm. 100% proof-loaded to 16kNwith cushioned sole, heel and toe tools whilst keeping them closeand max breaking strength 25kN.for extra comfort. Reinforced heel at hand. Energy-absorbing cordTested and certified to EN362. and toe for added durability. Arch with tubular nylon webbing andCode Unit support for hard-working feet. Ideal lock stitching at both ends forfor use with work boots. 47% cotton, extra security. Ideal for builders,SIL253600 Each 46% polyamide, 7% elastane.scaffolders, window cleaners and jobs that involve working at height.SKIN PROTECTION Code Size UnitPolyester webbing harness andSuitable for tools weighing up toSILT53547 7 - 9.5 / 41 - 44 Eachrestraint positioning lanyard with5kg. OKeeffes Healthy Feet 91g SILT53548 10 - 13 / 44 - 48 Eachalloy steel hardware. Restraint positioning lanyard with alloy steelCode Unitscaffold hook and karabiner. TestedSIL435294 Each Scruffs Worker Socks 3pkand certified to EN361, EN362 and EN358. Includes storage bag. Silverline (867882) Energy Code Unit Absorbing Twin Lanyard 1.5mSIL254301 EachEnergy Absorbing Lanyard 1.5m Contains high concentration ofWork socks with an internal glycerin, drawing in and retainingcushioned lining for warmth and moisture, which is necessarycomfort. Reinforced heel and toe Forged alloy steel hooks, karabiner,for healthy-feeling, hydratedensure maximum durability.nylon ropes, and integratedskinAbsolutely odourless, oil free, non-polyester energy absorber in a toughgreasy and hypoallergenicIncreasedCode Size Unitplastic sheath. Scaffold hooks andlevels of Allantoin; the formula helpsSILT53544 3-6.5 Eachscrewgate karabiner attachments.to penetrate thicker and rougher Forged alloy steel hook, karabinerAttaches fall arrest harnesses tosurface skin on the feet. SILT53545 7-9.5 Eachand polyester rope. Integrated energysuitable anchorages. Tested andCode Unit SILT53546 10-13 Eachabsorber in tough plastic sheath.certified to EN362 and EN355. Scaffold hook and screwgate karabinerIncludes storage bag. GOR8044001 Each Thermal Knitted Socks Pack attachment. Attaches fall arrestCode Unit of 12harnesses to suitable anchorages.OKeeffes Working Hands 96gTested and certified to EN362 andSIL867882 EachEN355. Includes storage bag.Code Unit Silverline 140853 4 Point Full SIL253162 Each HarnessRestraint Positioning Lanyard 1.5mThis odourless, concentrated formula,Mens Size 7-11with a high content of glycerin, conditions the skin- creating aCode Unitdifference you will feel within days.BPC18TS Pk 12When used daily, OKeeffes Working Hands is clinically proven to instantly boost moisture levels, create aWORKPLACE SIGNSForged alloy steel hook, karabinerprotective layer on the skins surface and polyester rope. Scaffold hookCushioned shoulder pad and fullyand help prevent further moisture loss. Silverline (883504) Caution and screwgate karabiner attachment.adjustable nylon straps for secureCode Unit Wet Floor Sign A Frame 295 Attaches work positioning belts andcomfortable fit. x 610mmharnesses to suitable anchorages.GOR7044001 EachTested and certified to EN358, EN354Code Unitand EN362. Includes storage bag. SIL140853 Each Silverline (356861) Disposable Code Unit Beard Net 100pk One SizeSIL252190 Each Scaffold Hook 56mm GateSilverline 140848 Shoulder HarnessForged alloy steel scaffold hook. MaxElasticated non-woven soft spun gate opening 56mm. 100% proof- polypropylene. One size fits all.Washable plastic construction. A loaded to 16kN and max breakingCovers facial hair for hygieneframe design. Brightly coloured for Shoulder strap with strong nylonstrength 25kN. Tested and certifiedroles in kitchen and food industry.visibility. Warns people of spills and webbing. Max 900mm. to EN 362. Disposable. Length 420mm / 18. slip hazards.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL140848 Each SIL254155 Each SIL356861 Each SIL883504 Each576 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'