b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESADHESIVE TAPESSEALANTS & ADHESIVESADHESIVE TAPES ADMIXTURES & CHEMICALSTAPE DISPENSERS Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix Everbuild 204 Evermix 3-in-1Everbuild 208 Powder Mortar 5L Tone 1kgUltra Gun To Suit Stretchfilm 100mmCode UnitULTFILMGUN100 EachAir entraining plasticiser that replaces WATERPROOF TAPE lime in the mix to provide an easy ADHESIVE TAPES & ADMIXTURES & CHEMICALS to work butter like consistency toPowder Mortar Tone is formulated Everbuild Weatherproof Tapethe mortar and to prevent shrinkage,Evermix 3 in 1 triple action admixturefrom best quality oxide pigments cracking and crazing during thewaterproofs, plasticises and retardsfor permanently colouring all types Clear 50mm x 10m setting process. For use in brick layingto assist workability, reduce waterof mortars, rendering, concrete and and plastering mortars. Provides apenetration and allow larger areas topointing. The pigments disperse degree of frost resistance and longbe covered in one application. easily into the mix to give a uniform term resistance to freeze-thaw cyclesshade for each mix batch, shading when set. Tested to BSEN934-Part 3. Code Unit can be adjusted to provide a wider EVEEMIX5 Each variety of colour depths.Code Size UnitEVEAD5L 5L Each Code Colour UnitEverbuild 206 Strike ReleaseEVEPMTBK1 Black EachEVEADM25L 25L Each Oil 5LEVEPMTBN1 Brown EachStrong Weatherproof Tape withEverbuild 202 IntegralEVEPMTBUFF1 Buff Eachaggressive adhesive, ideal for jointingWaterproofer EVEPMTRD1 Red Eachand repairing all PVC and polythene sheets and many other uses inEverbuild 209 Liquid Mortar construction, industry and the home.Tone Black 1LAlso ideal for repairing cracks in Glass and Acrylic without obscuring vision/light. Easy tear serrated edges to enable quicker application.Code UnitEVE2CLEAR10 EachHighly effective release agent to Fixman 192545 All WeatherLiquid additive that provides longenable concrete shuttering to be Tape term water protection to mortar,removed easily, leaving the edge of concrete and rendering. Reducesthe concrete structure clean and water permeability and is suitable forwell formed. Suitable for most types all applications where resistance toof form work including potable water water absorption is necessary suchstructures, not affected by rain after as pool and tank linings, roof areas,application. Formulated to provide a permanent external rendering and pointing andcolour to all types of mortars, structures below ground level. TestedCode Size Unit rendering, concrete and pointing. to BSEN934-Part 3. EVESTRIKE5 5L Each The liquid disperses evenly throughout the mix to give uniform 50mm x 25m Code Size Unit Everbuild 207 Zeromix C.F.Fshade for each mix batch. Shading EVEILW5L 5L Each can be adjusted to provide a wide 5L variety of colour depths.Code Unit EVEILWA25 25L EachSIL192545 Each Code Size UnitEverbuild 203 Accelerator &EVELMTBK1 1L EachSylglas Waterproof Tape FrostprooferEverbuild 403 Concrete Hardener & DustprooferDouble action frostproofer and air Sylglas Waterproofing Tape is a coldentraining mortar admixture for applied tape which remains flexible overLiquid additive formulated touse throughout the winter period. a wide temperature range. It is non- accelerate setting and hardeningImproves workability of mortar hardening and non-rotting and resistanttimes of mortar, concretes, screedsand increases resistance to frost to water, acids, alkalis and salts. Its wideand rendering to provide frostin both wet and hardened state. range of uses including waterproofingprotection during the settingChloride free, can be used with steel and sealing of construction joints,period. Effective even in sub-zeroreinforced concrete structures. Formulated from high quality silicate glazing bars, gutters etc. Waterproofingtemperatures and can also be used inresins to both harden and dustproof of lagging or insulation and protectionnormal temperatures where a rapidCode Unit new and old concrete floors for both of metal fittings. set is required and as a pluggingEVEZERO5 Each internal and external use. It reacts admixture. chemically with the lime content Code Size Unit of concrete to form a hard-wearing SYL50 50mm Each Code Size Unit surface.SYL75 75mm Each EVEACC5L 5L Each Code Size UnitSYL100 100mm Each EVEACCE25L 25L Each EVECHD5L 5L Each540 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'