b'HAND TOOLSRIVETERSHAND TOOLSRIVETERS ROOFING TOOLSEclipse 2735 Heavy DutySilverline 633942 ThreadedSpear & Jackson 2720 LongCarter Blue Slaters RipperRiveter Kit Rivet Insert Tool 4 - 8mm Reach Rivet ToolFabricated slaters ripper made RIVETERS & ROOFING TOOLS from high grade sprung steel with a comfort grip rubber handleSpring Steel A versatile variation of the 2730, Product size: 18 A carefully conceived engineeringwith extra long nose to facilitate riveter kit, comprising robust hingedSets threaded rivets into thinaccess in recessed situations suchCode Unitplastic box and 200 assorted 3, 4materials. Use for sheet metal,as corrugated sheet. Supplied withCARSLARIP Eachand 5mm aluminium rivets and 2730plastic and fibreglass. Includes4 interchangeable nosesheavy duty riveter. 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm inserts. Permanent and reliable fastening. F or use with rivets sizes: 3, 4, 5mm Carters Slaters Axe Left Code Unit Soft-grip handles. Code Unit HandedNEI2735 Each Code Unit NEI2720 EachEclipse 2750 Lazy TongSIL633942 EachRiveter Spear & Jackson 2760 Long Silverline 868778 Lazy TongArm RiveterRiveter 3.2 - 6.4mmSlaters axe with a cutting edge and hole peircing spike. Product Weight 2kg. Rubber Grip.Code Desc. UnitThe long arms reduce the effortCARSLAAXEL Left Handed EachThis powerful and versatile tool has therequired to set rivets up to 6mm.CARSLAAXER Right Handed Eachadvantage of being operated with oneProbably the most powerful hand, providing no loss in efficiency.Heavy duty carbon steel headindustrial hand riveter available and lattice. Ideal for repetitivetoday. Ideal for boat building andTurks Head Type Brush HeadUseful on vehicle maintenance,application. Includes 5 nozzlescoachwork, agricultural machine agricultural projects and construction. 3.2mm (1/8), 4.0mm (5/32),maintenance, etc. Supplied with 4 Code Unit 4.8mm (3/16), 6.0mm (15/64),interchangeable noses.NEI2750 Each 6.4mm (1/4). Code UnitCode Unit NEI2760 EachHilka 20100103 Rivet Gun &SIL868778 Each30 Rivets Spear & Jackson Spare Nose Silverline 868792 Handfor RiveterRiveter 250mm Code UnitHNHTA8 EachEstwing E3239MS Roofers Pick Vinyl Handle 21ozSpare nose for riveter 3mmDie cast aluminium alloy body riveterIncludes nozzles for 2.4mm, 3.2mm,Code Size Unitwith PVC comfortable grip with 304.0mm and 4.8mm. Easy-gripNEI2738A 3mm Eachassorted rivets of 4 sizes. TUV/GShandles incorporating spanner forNEI2738B 4mm EachBradawl Claw for Nail Holesapproved in sliding blister packaging. changing nozzles.NEI2738C 5mm EachShock-Reduction Nylon-Vinyl Grip Code Unit Code UnitCode UnitHIL20100103 Each SIL868792 Each Stanley 6-MR100 Heavy Duty Rivet Gun ESTE3/239MS EachSilverline (964098) HandSilverline PL61 Hand Riveter & Riveter 360 382mm 60 Rivets 260mm Monument 734D Wood Lead Dresser 7 x 2 Contract grade - heavy duty, long Durable steel construction withlasting Monument Beechwood Lead Dresser textured polymer handle. 360 headAccepts aluminium, steel &specially designed for use on sheet allows access to hard-to-reach areas.stainless steel rivets for wide rangelead, copper, zinc, aluminium etc. Handle lock for easy storage. FitsChemically blackened carbon steelof applications Made with sufficent lift to clear the most commonly used rivet sizes.riveter with interchangeable heads 4 nose pieces & wrench storeusers knuckles. Manufactured fromSpanner stored securely in handle.for 2.4, 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8mm rivets.in handle for versatility andeconomically priced beech timber Includes 2.4, 3.2, 4 and 4.8mm heads. Includes 60 rivets. convenient storage that is ideally suited to these tools.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL964098 Each SILPL61 Each STA6MR100 Each MON734D 7 (180mm) Each288 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'