b'HAND TOOLSTAPES & MEASURESTAPES & MEASURES HAND TOOLSRULES SCALESFisher FR122ME E&M StainlessRST PW73 E&M FoldingSilverline 731003 AluminiumSilverline 251024 Hanging Steel Folding Rule 24 Boxwood Rule 1m Rule 1m Scales & Tape Measure 22kgTAPES & MEASURESCast aluminium rule with clearly-marked metric and imperial graduations. Hanging hole for storage.Wooden folding rule.Metric & imperial markings. Code UnitCode Unit Code Length Unit SIL731003 EachRSTRSR073P 1m EachFISFR122ME Each Large 65mm diameter dual dial RST RMS670 E&M HardwoodSilverline 731210 Aluminiumdisplays both metric and imperial. Fisher Steel Rule SatinRule with Handle 1200mm Convenient integral 1m tape Metre Stick 39 measure. Robust metal handle Chrome and hanging hook. Fast, accurate weighing and measuring.Bevelled aluminium body with rebatedCode Size Unitcutting and marking edges. ClearSIL251024 22kg EachHardwood Metre Stick with Englishmetric and imperial graduations. Steel rule with satin chrome finish.and Metric Markings. Hanging hole for storage. Silverline 651052 Digital Photo etched markings in Imperial Imperial/Metric markingsand Metric, double sided. Code Unit Scales 5kg max Double sided Code Size UnitHardwood construction SIL731210 EachUK MadeFISFC06 6 / 150mm EachSilverline 733241 Folding Rule FISFC12 12 / 300mm Each Code Unit 1000mmFISFC24 24 / 600mm Each RSTRMS670 EachFISFC39 40 / 1 Metre EachRST RSR473P Plastic Folding Hilka Matt Stainless Ruler 12 Rule 1MWeighs both metric and imperial to a maximum of 5kg /11 lbs. Gives a precise reading in 1g/0.1oz increments. Tare function, auto zero reset and auto power off. Requires 2 Precision made with clear markings.x AA batteries (not included).Graduations in imperial and metric.Sybren folding rule. 1000mm 4-section folding plasticCode Size UnitIn display wallet. carpenters rule with metric scale. SIL651052 5kg EachCode Size Unit Code Length UnitHIL75600012 12 Each RSTRSR473P 1m Each Code Unit Silverline Heavy Duty Hanging SIL733241 Each ScalesHIL75600024 24 Each Silverline (406797) Stainless HIL75600040 40 Each Steel Rule Set 2pce 150 &Silverline Steel Rule300mmRabone 1-35-333 Rustless Folding Steel Rule 600mmPrecision stainless steel rule. Clear, photo-etched markings. Metric and imperial graduations: 0.5mm, 1mm Etched metric & imperialand 1cm metric; 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16,Large dual dial displaying both graduations and clear, easy-to-read1/32 and 1/64 imperial. metric and imperial. Simple method Subdivided in mm and line of chordsmarkings. Includes hanging holes forof tareing to zero and ideal for scale, one side; subdivided in mmstorage. Code Size Unit comparison weighing. Robust metal and circumference scale in mm,SILMT65 6 (150mm) Each casing with a durable painted finish. other side. Class I. Code Unit SILMT66 12 (300mm) Each 2 separate rigid hanging hooks.Code Unit SIL406797 Each SILMT68 24 (600mm) Each Code Size UnitSTA135333 Each SILMT69 36 (900mm) Each SIL251073 100kg EachSilverline 731001 Aluminium Rabone Steel Rule Scale Tri Rule 300mm SIL251087 200kg EachSCALESSilverline Spring BalanceElectronic Pocket Balance 40kgCast aluminium scale rule with Engineers precision steel rules.triangular body for safer cutting and Imperial side graduated to 16ths,scoring of materials. Clearly marked 32nds, 64ths, 10ths, 20ths, 50ths,metric graduations. 6 scales allow 100th. Metric side graduated toprecision drawing for architects,Measures in metric and imperial. engineers and carpenters. ConcaveFeatures backlight function, autoTraditional style face with clear and 0.5mm. Class I. base reduces smearing whenpower off and low battery indicator.easy to read metric and imperial Code Size Unit drawing. Scales 1:20, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75,Ideal for weighing luggage. 50kggraduations.STA035400 150mm Each 1:100, 1:125. Length 300mm. capacity. Requires 2 x AAA batteries. Code Size UnitSTA035401 300mm Each Code Unit Code Unit SIL250387 25kg EachSTA035406 1m Each SIL731001 Each SIL243857 Each SIL250394 50kg EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 329'