b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIESHOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIES POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESSilverline Diamond Burr SetSilverline 763600 CuttingSilverline 883367 Heavy DutySilverline HCS Scraper Blade30pc Disc Kit 22mm 18pc Cutting Accessory Kit 3pc17 x 22mm resin discs plus 1 x 3.1mmUniversal open-backed design. mandrel. Max speed 28,000rpm. For removing paint, sealant and 150 grit assorted diamond points.adhesive. Compatible with Silverline, For craft, modelling, repair. Use onCode Unitceramics, tiles, brick, glass, plastics,SIL763600 Each 3-in-1 heavy duty cutting accessoryGMC and Triton Oscillating Multi-fibreglass, steel and wood. kit includes semi-circular grindingTools, and also tool-free, quick-blade, delta grinding blade andchange, and standard multi tool Code Size Unit Silverline 763601 Brass Brushsector blade for cutting concretemachines.HOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIESSIL839879 2.35mm Each Set 3pc and ceramic tiles. For use with the Silverstorm Multi-Cutter. Code Size UnitSIL722878 3.17mm Each SIL832637 52 x 30mm EachCode Unit SIL375170 52 x 49mm EachSilverline 763263 DiamondSIL883367 EachSaw Blade 85mmSilverline 893428 SandingSilverline Plunge Cut Saw Accessory Kit 4pc BladeWith fitted 3mm dia mandrels. Brush dia: 22, 16 and 5mm. Max speed 28,000rpm.Code UnitSIL763601 EachUniversal open-backed design.Silverline 856092 Multi For tile cutting. Compatible withUniversal open-backed design. Function Saw Blade Set 3pc Plunge cut blade for use on Silverline, GMC and Triton OscillatingIncludes 78mm aluminium sandingwood, plastic and soft materials. Multi-Tools, and also tool-free, quick- base, 36mm single side sandingCompatible with Silverline, GMC and change, and standard multi toolbase, 6 x 36mm sanding paper and 6Triton Oscillating Multi-Tools, and machines. x 78mm delta sanding paper. For usealso tool-free, quick-change, and Code Unit with the Silverstorm Multi-Cutter. standard multi-tool machines.SIL763263 Each Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL893428 Each SIL476717 10mm EachSilverline 794340 Flexi Drill Drive Shaft 1070mm Silverline Carbide Tipped SawSIL428944 20mm EachSaw blade set comprising 10mm,SIL720647 32mm Each20mm and 34mm steel blades. BladeSIL277983 65mm EachCode UnitSIL856092 Each Silverline Plunge Cut Saw Silverline 868702 CuttingBlade Bi-metalDisc Kit 22mm 36pcUniversal open-backed design. For grout and mortar removal. Compatible with most rotary tools.Compatible with Silverline, GMC and Pan grip ideal for intricate work. WillTriton Oscillating Multi-Tools, and accept 3.1mm mandrels. Max speedalso tool-free, quick-change, and 35,000rpm. standard multi tool machines. Universal open-backed design. For use on plasterboard, wood, plastic Code Unit Code Size Unit and metal profiles. Compatible with SIL794340 Each 22mm dia cutting discs with 3.1mmSIL520142 65mm Each Silverline, GMC and Triton Oscillating dia mandrel. Max speed 28,000rpm. Multi-Tools, and also tool-free, quick-Code Unit SIL668872 85mm Each change, and standard multi tool SIL868702 Each machines.Silverline DA100 Mounted Stone Set 15 - 25mm 5pc Code Size UnitSilverline Drum Sanding Kit 7pc SIL320946 10mm EachSIL626842 20mm EachSIL400099 32mm EachIRONMONGERYFor cleaning and polishing metal andSee pages 373-447wood. Includes 6 x sanding drums and 1 x 3.1mm dia mandrel. Max speed 28,000rpm. Grinds metal and hard plastics. 25, 20 Code Size Unit and 15mm stones, assorted grades.SIL598511 1/4 Each Code UnitSIL783145 1/2 Each SILDA100 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 473'