b'PLUMBINGBATHROOMBATHROOM PLUMBINGTOILET FITTINGSMake PRO019 Offset WC PanMake Cistern Lever ChromeMake PRO007 Toilet InternalMake PRO033 Straight Toilet Connector 110mm Handle Kit Flushpipe Connector Pan Fixing Kit With Chrome CapsBATHROOMEasy fit high quality internal flush pipe connector. Easy seal when connecting to a WC. Suitable for professional plumbers and DIY. Available in black with quick install.A high quality durable pan connectorThis easy fit high quality cisternCode Unitfor quick easy connection onto thelever is ideal for a modern andMAKPRO007 Each High quality WC straight fixing kit. back of a WC providing a simple sealaesthetically pleasing look. FinishedIdeal plumbing product for plumbers solution when installing. For use within chrome, this toilet lever suits aand DIY. Use in securing a fixing to Make PRO008 Dual Flushthe floor. Finished with chrome caps 110mm pipe and available in white. wide range of bathrooms providing aHeight Adjustable Syphoneand a metal thread. Suitable for Code Unit quick install. 7.5 - 9.5 quick and easy toilet maintenance.MAKPRO019 Each Code Size UnitMAKPRO009 1/2 Each Code UnitMAKPRO033 EachMake PRO020 WC PanMAKPRO028 3/8 EachConnector With 90 Bend 110mm Make PRO012 Cistern BoltMake PRO039 Extended Through Kit Straight WC Pan Connector 110mm - 265mmTraditional toilet syphon. Adjusts from 7.5 - 9.5 in height. Fits in A high quality durable pan connectormost toilets. Dual flush function for quick and easy connection ontogives you greater control over your the back of a WC provides a simplewater. Available in white.seal solution when installing. For use with 110mm pipe and availableCode Unitin white. Cistern bolt through kit is an essentialMAKPRO008 Eachplumbing product for plumbers and Code Unit DIY. Ideal in effectively connecting MAKPRO020 Each the toilet cistern to WC. IncludesMake PRO032 Angled Toilet bolts, washers and wing nuts. Pan Fixing Kit With ChromeA high quality straight pan Make PRO021 WC PanCode Unit Caps connector with adjustable 265mm Connector Extension 110mm extension for quick easy connection MAKPRO012 Each onto the back of a WC Provides a simple seal solution when fitting or Make PRO004 Plastic Siderenewing a WC.Entry Ball Valve 1/2Code UnitMAKPRO039 EachThis high quality WC angled fixing kit.Make PRO051 WC Pan Ideal plumbing product for plumbersConnector Extendable 300-and DIY for use in securing a fitting630mmA high quality extension rigid WCto the floor. Finished with chrome pan connector, can be cut to suit andcaps and a metal thread. Suitable for is for use with 4 (110mm) pipe. An easy fit high quality plasticquick and easy toilet maintenance.Code Unit side entry ball valve. Ideal for professional plumbers and DIY. 1/2Code UnitMAKPRO021 Each BSP (M) thread. MAKPRO032 EachMake PRO023 Offset WC PanCode Unit Make PRO052 WC Pan Connector 110mm MAKPRO004 Each Connector Swan Neck 110mmMake Foam Doughnut WashersThis high quality pan connector A high quality easy fit durable swanwith a flexible bend is an easy fit A high quality durable pan connectorneck style pan connector for quickplumbing product for those hard to for quick easy connection onto theand easy connection onto the backreach spaces. Suitable for 110mm back of a WC provides a simple sealIdeal for replacing worn washers forof a WC provides a simple sealpipe with an adjustable 300-630mm solution when installing. For use withclose coupled WCs. solution when installing. For use withfit, this pan connector is available 110mm pipe and available in white. 110mm pipe and available in white. in white.Code Size UnitCode Unit MAKPRO005 1 1/2 Each Code Unit Code UnitMAKPRO023 Each MAKPRO006 2 Each MAKPRO052 Each MAKPRO051 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 39'