b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEHAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEAUTOMOTIVE TOOLSSilverline Ball Joint SeparatorSilverline 282411 Tyre DialSilverline 380421 Tyre RepairSilverline 633545 Pipe 300 x 20mm Gauge 0 - 100psi Kit Flaring Kit 10pcAUTOMOTIVESeparates ball joint from steeringDual reading gauge with flexible knuckles. Forged to withstand hard280mm hose. Large, easy to read usage. Corrosion-resistant platedscale 0-100psi in increments of 2psi finish. 70mm deep capacity. Knurledand 0-10Bar in increments of 0.1Bar.Quickly repairs small holes in shaft to ensure firm grip. Ideal forOverall length 420mm. tubeless tyres for off-road vehiclesSuitable for single or double-lap cars and light commercial vehicles. Code Unit only. Also repairs tyre tubes.flares in soft copper and aluminium Includes: T-handled reamer andpipes. Kit contains pipe clamp, 45 Code Desc. Unit SIL282411 Each insertion tool, 30 adhesive sticks,spreader and 7 dies 3/16, 1/4, rubber cement, tyre pressure gauge5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 and 5/8.SIL727718 Short handle Each Silverline 380151 Tyre Treadand repair patches.SIL245041 Long handle Each Gauge 1-25mm Code UnitCode Unit SIL633545 EachSilverline 250311 WheelSIL380421 EachCleaning Brush 250mm Silverline Tyre LeverSilverline 380568 Tyre Valve Repair Kit 10-50psi 14pcPocket-sized gauge, provides quick, simple method of checking tyre tread depth.Code Unit Corrosion-resistant chrome-plated hardened tempered steel. Straight Soft bristles clean steel and alloySIL380151 Each pattern tyre levers. Hook and taper wheels without scratching. Soft-gripends.handle. Silverline 380153 Tyre Valve Code Unit Repair Tool 4-Way Includes valve repair andCode Size Unitmaintenance tools, neatly stowed inSIL783175 300mm EachSIL250311 Each compact plastic storage box, solvesSIL793824 400mm Eachmost tyre valve problems. Essential Silverline 250318 Grille &for vehicle tool kit or garage. SIL763621 457mm EachWheel Brush 370mm Code Unit SIL580489 610mm EachTwo thread restorers, valve coreSIL380568 Each BIKE ACCESSORIESremover and reamer for repairing valve seat. Silverline 416746 T-Handle Code Unit Spring Hook 153mm Hilka 13 in 1 Bicycle Repair KitSIL380153 EachExtra-long to clean into grilles andSilverline 380157 Tyre Valve other openings. Suitable for steelPuller 300mmand alloy wheels. Soft-grip handle.Code Unit Heat-treated alloy steel, powder-SIL250318 Each coated for corrosion resistance. Shaped, hardened tip for maximum control. Easily removes and refits Silverline 256243 Puller forScrews onto cap threads of valve,springs. Suitable for brakes,Complete assortment of bicycle Ribbed Pulleys 35 - 165mm allows application of leverageheadlights and many other springs.repair tools that is ideal for quick against wheel rim for even pull andT-handle provides a secure grip. and easy repairs of most faults. correct fitment of tyre valve. Code Unit Compact and versatile design for easy storage and made from strong Code Unit SIL416746 Each chrome vanadium steel. Two built SIL380157 Each in full size tyre levers for easy use. Silverline 884693 FlexibleContains: hex 2, 3 2.5, 4, 5, 6, 8mm, Silverline 380159 Tyre ValveHose Clamp Set 3pc Philips PH1, slotted 3mm, TX star Core Remover 96mm T25, spoke wrenches 14g & 15g, chain splitting tool, chain hook, tyre pry bar.Heavy-duty carbon steel. RemovesCode Unitribbed crankshaft, alternator andHIL89504013 Eachauxiliary pulleys. Machined precision grooves grip the pulley without causing damage. Low-profile armsFor quick removal or installation ofFor clamping coolant, brake fuel for use in restricted spaces andtyre valve inserts. Robust steel shaftand vacuum hoses. 3 sizes fit most locking bolts to prevent slippingwith corrosion-resistant plating.automotive hoses. Round jaw edges under tension. Durable plastic handle. prevent damage to hoses.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL256243 Each SIL380159 Each SIL884693 Each204 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'