b'POWER TOOLSSAWSSAWS POWER TOOLSCIRCULAR SAWS JIGSAWS MITRE & TABLE SAWSSilverline 845135 CircularHilka PTJS400 JigsawS/L 270462 DIY JIGSAWDeWalt DW745 Portable Site Saw 185mm Variable Speed 400W 350W 240V Saw 250mmSAWSBlade size 185 x 20mm bore. MaxErgonomic handle and clear blade cutting capacity: 90/55mm,Ergonomic soft grip handle Dustguard. 45 angle adjustment bevelThe DEWALT DW745 Portable Site 45/38mm. Lock-on button. No loadextraction facility Copper coiledplate and lock-on switch. DustSaw has a low unit weight and speed 5000rpm. Includes parallelmotor for lasting performanceextraction port. Max cutting capacityoptimised footprint, making this the fence, TCT blade, dust extractionVariable speed elctronic switchin steel 6mm and wood 55mm. Nomost portable saw in its class.port and 2 blade removal spanners. Adjustable base plate No-loadload speed 3000rpm.speed:0-3000RPM Bevel cuts:0-45 Code Unit Code UnitCode Unit DEWDW745 EachSIL845135 Each Code Unit SIL270462 EachHILPTJS400 Each Silverline 815969 LaserGMC (336282) 1400W 165mm JIGSAWS Jigsaw 80mm 710W Plunge Saw & Track Kit Makita 4329 Jigsaw 450W GTS165DEWDCS331N - Dewalt 18V XR Cordless Jigsaw Body OnlyPlunge saw features cast aluminium Soft-grip handle, aluminium gearboxbase, blade guards and dust port. housing and variable speed for165mm x 20mm blade with 48 cutting different materials. 4-positiontungsten carbide teeth cuts natural Code Voltage Unit pendulum action. Laser guide forand composite woods. 1400mm Powerful jigsaw with keyless bladeaccurate cutting. Clear blade guardextruded aluminium track with non-change, anti-scratch base cover andMAK4329-1 110V Each for accurate cutting. 45 angleslip base and low-friction glide strips rubber-coated grip. Supplied withMAK4329-2 240V Each adjustment bevel plate, quick chuckfor fast, repeated, straight cutting. dust port. Compatible with DeWaltand lock-on switch. Max cuttingSmooth vertical plunge action, ideal XR Li-ion batteries. Latest generationMakita 4350FCT Jigsawcapacity in steel 10mm and woodfor internal cuts. Over-moulded premium Jigsaw featuring new XR720W 80mm. No load speed 0-3000spm. main handle with on/off trigger Lithium-Ion Technology. The PM47Code Unit and plunge release controls. Large fan-cooled motor delivers fast cuttingvariable speed adjustment dial and action up to 3000 strokes per minuteSIL815969 Each blade-change lever. Easy bevel and maximising user productivity. depth adjustment with clear scales Triton (865886) Pendulumand calibration adjusters. Electronic Code Unit Action Jigsaw 750W TJS001 monitoring of speed under load. No DEWDCS331N Each load speed: 2200 - 5200rpm. 57mm (9) and 42mm (45) max cutting GMC 920308 Pendulumdepths. Includes blade, 2 x track, 2 Action Jigsaw with Laserx clamps, dust port adaptor, 2 x hex key and soft carry case.Guide 750W LJS750CFCode UnitSIL336282 EachCode Voltage UnitMAK4350FCT-1 110V Each Makita MLS100 Mitre Saw MAK4350FCT-2 240V Each Powerful 750W motor with 3-stage1500Wpendulum action provides incredible Makita 4351FCT Jigsaw 720W cutting performance. Dual axis grips allow the tool to be held with both vertical pressure and horizontal direction control. Constant speed under load for optimised motor Laser line generator for improvedcontrol even under high load. operator cutting vision, accuracy, fastPresettable 800-3000spm variable set-up and increased safety. Powerfulspeed. Tool-free quick release blade 750W motor with pendulum actionchange and bevel adjustment ( provides ample cutting power, withto 45 L/R). Cutting capacity wood variable speed for total control of110mm, steel 10mm and aluminium the cut in different materials. Bevel25mm. Includes 3 x high performance range: 0 to 45; Cutting capacity: inblades, base cover, parallel guide, wood 100mm; in steel 8mm. Code Voltage Unit Triton track adaptor and soft case. Code Voltage UnitCode Unit MAK4351FCT-1 110V Each Code Unit MAKMLS100-1 110V EachSIL920308 Each MAK4351FCT-2 240V Each SIL865886 Each MAKMLS100-2 240V EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 527'