b'IRONMONGERYSAFESIRONMONGERYSAFESSilverline (795764) MetalSterling CB03 Keyed-LockYale YSM/400/EG1 CertifiedYale YSV/390/DB1 Large Cash & Valuables Box KeyedCash Box 10 Grey Office Safe Value Office Safe165 x 128 x 80mmSAFES Removable partitioned tray10 tray Strong recessed metal handle Rounded corners Durable steel security box with Secure lock supplied with 2 keys External dimension H x W x D (mm): corrosion-resistant, powder-coatedWidth: 250mm 390 x 350 x 360 finish. Keyed lock prevents unwanted Height: 90mm22mm electronically motorisedInterior dimension H x W x D (mm):access. Includes multi-compartment Depth: 180mm locking bolts 380 x 340 x 310removable coin tray. Ideal forTime lock sets in if wrong code is6 lever double bitted manual safekeeping of cash, documents andCode Size Unit entered more than 3 timessmall valuables. override lockSTECB03 250mm Each2 keys supplied Easy to operate with a personal code and more than 100,000 Code UnitLaser cut doorcombinationsSIL795764 Each Sterling EB01 Emergency KeyReinforced hinge and mounted Box opening spring Low battery indicatorSilverline 869478 Armoured steel anti drill plates: 2 Yale mechanical override keysInterior with soft carpet to protect Combination Car Securityside of safe, top of safe & betweenthe valuablesSafe Box 200 x 160 x 60mm door and locking plate Digital keypad with blue backlight I nterior with robust removable shelf LCD display Code UnitYSV/390/DB1 Each Resettable 3 to 8 digit usercodeLow battery warning Display code on/off functionInternal light NEWSecurit UPVC LockingWindow HandleCode Unit Double bolted mechanism YALYSM400EG1 Each Case hardened steel shackle Protective rotating keyhole cover Yale YSV/200/DB1 Small Value Office Safe with Digital Solid steel portable safe withWeather resistant Keypadresettable 3-digit combination lock.Strong disc locking mechanismSoft interior lining. Lightweight and Large number of key variations easy to transport. Ideal for securingCode Colour Unitsat-navs, sunglasses, wallets and keys in cars, camper vans andSTEEB01 Red Eachcaravans. Includes 900mm steel tethering cable. Yale YSM/250/EG1 Home SafeCode UnitSIL869478 EachSquire Key Keep Safe Black22mm electronically motorised locking bolts 6 lever double bitted manualoverride lock 2 keys supplied 22mm electronically motorised locking boltsLaser cut door with minimum gap6 lever double bitted manual Reinforced hinge and mountedoverride lock opening spring 2 keys suppliedExternal Sizes: 200mm High x Laser cut door 310mm Wide x 200mm DeepInternal Sizes: 190mm High xReinforced hinge and mounted Height: 115mm, Width: 80mm, Depth:300mm Wide x 150mm Deepopening spring30mmArmoured steel anti drill plates:Code Unit Key Locking push button espag Durable construction handle for double glazed windows. side of safe, top of safe & betweenF our wheel recodable combinationdoor and locking plate YALYSV/200/DB1 Each Colour matching screw cover and lockDigital keypad with blue backlightone key supplied. Spindle width Weather resistant cover LCD display 7mm Square. Universally Handed.Easy to fit and recodeResettable 3 to 8 digit usercode Available in 3 Finishes - White, Chrome & Brass. Ideal for external and internal use Low battery warningChoose your own secure access Display code on/off function Code Finish Unit codeInternal light MPSS9501 White Each Code Unit Code Unit MPSS9502 Chrome EachSQUKEYKEEP1 Each YALYSM250EG1 Each MPSS9503 Brass Each436 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'