b'HAND TOOLSTAPES & MEASURESHAND TOOLSTAPES & MEASURESLONG TAPES MEASURING WHEELS POCKET TAPESStanley 0-34-132 FatmaxHilka 75990000 RoadSilverline 868793 MiniDickie Dyer (952414) Tape Tape 30m Measuring Wheel Measuring Wheel 9999m Measure 5m / 16ft x 25mm - 19.000TAPES & MEASURES9,5mm Steel blade with large graphics easy to read graphics High Impact ABS closed case towithstand heavy duty use Quick release button for fast blade Lightweight easy to use wheelCompact, with distance range pull out measures up to 10,000 metres. 0-9999m. Comfortable, telescopicDurable polypropylene and steelStainless steel metal crank forhandle extends 460-900mm. Sturdyconstruction. Clear, accurate maximum durability Code Unit dual wheels, analogue display withmeasuring for professional and Code Length Unit HIL75990000 Each instant zero button. Foldaway wheelDIY. Double-sided blade print, blade for storage, canvas carrying bag. lock, automatic blade retraction and STA034132 30m Each Silverline 250436 Microbelt clip. Dual-marked metric and Measuring Wheel 999m Code Unit imperial scales. EC Class I accuracy.Stanley 0-34-262 Fibre TapeSIL868793 EachIn Case 30m Code UnitPOCKET TAPES SIL952414 EachAcupro Tape Measure Fisco Big T TapeTelescopic shaft extends between 350 and 810mm. Durable knurled handle for extra grip. Clear and easy to read metric dial with an accuracy of +/- 2%. High impact ABS closed case toCode Unit withstand severe work conditions SIL250436 EachReinforced fibreglass tape - reduces elasticity and improvesSilverline 250582 DigitalBig T is probably the worlds most measuring accuracy Measuring Wheel 0-9999.9m advanced measuring tape White surface with 2mm Ergonomic, impact-resistant ABS Its development, based on graduations for precise measuring case with rubber over-mould forhundreds of hours of detailedCorrosion-resistant, UV protected,better grip and comfort. Neon- on-site research with dozens of non-conductive tape yellow, high-visibility blade anddifferent trade users, looked atClass III positive blade lock increase legibilityevery aspect of how professionalsand accuracy. Double-sided, printedmeasureCode Unit blade with clear metric and imperial The result is a tape with a STA034262 Each graduations. Quality, nylon-coatedmultitude of user benefits designed blade offers increased durabilityfor measuring more quickly, easily Stanley 2-34-791 Open FrameMeasures accurately up to 9999.9mand abrasion resistance; matt finishand reliablySurvey Tape and converts instantly from metricreduces glare and reflection for easy to imperial. Easy-to-read backlit LCDreading. Blade end hook moves toCode Length Unitdisplay on handle. Memory storage,compensate for accurate inside andFISBT5ME 19mm x 5m Eachrecall and clear functions. Aluminiumoutside measurements. EC Class 1FISBT8ME 25mm x 8m Eachtelescopic handle with sturdy lockingaccuracy, highest available. Includes system and folding kickstand. Requiresbelt clip.2 x AAA batteries (not included). Fisco TM5ME Tri-Matic Grey Code Size Unit Tape Measure 5mCode Unit SIL888820 3m x 16mm EachSIL250582 Each SIL902135 5m x 25mm EachSilverline 633468 MeasuringSIL750919 8m x 25mm EachWheel Metric 0-9999m Advent Own Logo Tape Blade printed on both sides forMeasureeasy measuring Integrated ground spike to help oneperson measuringFiscos Tri-Tape range offers Barbed folding hook to anchor theoutstanding quality, durability and blade accuracy. The compact, ergonomicAnti-shock ABS frame to withstandcase and well positioned lock offers superior handling and comfort in heavy duty use use Reinforced fibreglass tapeStrong, lightweight wheel with instant Offered with a wide choice ofCorrosion-resistant, UV protected,zero default lever, stand support andblades, there is a Tri-Tape to suit non-conductive tape travel bag. Handle adjustment rangeevery measuring need Class III from 620mm to 1045mm.Width: 19mmCode Length UnitCode Length Unit Code Unit ATM45025 5m Each Code Length UnitSTA234791 30m Each SIL633468 Each ATM48025 8m Each FISTM5ME 5m Each326 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'