b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESROUTER BITSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESROUTER BITSFLUSH TRIM CUTTERS GUIDE BUSH & TEMPLATESSilverline Flush Trim Cutter Rockler (422866) RouterRockler (733498) Small PieceRockler (893608) Phenolic Table Box Joint Jig 6.35mmHolder 214mm (8-1/2) Router Plate for Triton (1/4) / 9.5mm (3/8) / 12.7mmRouters 210 x 298mm (8-1/4 (1/2) x 11-3/4Flush cutter for trimming hard laminates such as kitchen worktops. Glue must be dry to prevent fouling.Code Size UnitSIL794324 6.35 x 12.7mm EachROUTER BITS SIL277856 12.7 x 25.4mm Each Solid phenolic resin plate and plastic insert ring. Makes lifting router SIL583249 12.7 x 50mm Each Durable MDF platform with low- Large handles for comfort andfrom table more convenient for friction melamine coating for easycontrol. Sacrificial pieces (notcomfortable bit changes, height GUIDE BUSH & TEMPLATES sliding. Solid brass indexing keysincluded) can be attached to theadjustments and maintenance. ensure uniform spacing and tightclamp faces to prevent blow-out.Allows for easier freehand and finger joints. Matched with HSSAbrasive clamp faces preventguided edge work. Includes router Rockler (405985) Cornerrouter bits for precisely fitting joints.material from slipping. Maximumplate, insert ring ID 38 x OD 102mm Radius Routing TemplatesSacrificial MDF fence face helpscapacity: 214mm (8-1/2). For router(1-1/2 x 4), 2 x plate locking bolts, 4pce 3 - 25mm (1/8 - 1) Radii control tear-out. Ideal for creatingtable use with a bearing guided bit. pattern routing pin and hardware coping joints for small and mediumpack. Accepts additional inserts for boxes and frames. Cuts 6mm (1/4),Code Unit multiple size openings. Compatible 10mm (3/8), and 13mm (1/2) boxSIL733498 Each with Triton routers JOF, MOF and joints on a router table. IncludesTRA. 10mm (3/8) thick. Plate MDF platform, 2 x soft-grip knobsRockler (787293) Routermeasures 210 x 298mm (8-1/4 x with mitre track hardware, 1 x sled, 1 x sacrificial fence face and 6mmTable Spline Jig 279 x 356mm11-3/4).(1/4), 10mm (3/8) and 13mm (1/2)(11 x 14) Code UnitMake cutting smooth radii tobrass indexing keys. Up-cut HSSSIL893608 Eachsoften 9 corners fast and flawless.router bits sold separately.Templates can be used alone to draftCode Unit Rockler (921727) Rail Coping a pencil line or attached to included,SIL422866 Each Sled W) 127mm x (D) 32mm marked handle for plotting on router(5 x 1-1/4)table. Bottom of each template has rubber strips, which, combinedRockler (694044) Universal with the handle, provide a strongRouter Base 305mm (12)grip. Size-marked templates can be used to create a dozen radii from 3 to 25mm (1/8 to 1) in 3mm (1/8) increments, and 32 to 51mm (1-1/4 to 2) radii in 6mm (1/4) increments. Ideal for any project with quarter- Router table jig for cutting simple round corners, such as bookcaseand decorative spline slots in boxes. end panels, table tops, wall-mountedMDF router base with high-grade shelves and more. plastic sled. Smooth-sliding tracksSmooth-running phenolic resin Code Unit ensure accuracy and ease of use. Jigsled ensures perfectly square Acrylic base for routers. Base is pre- holds box at 45 angle and is slidcoped rail ends with virtually zero SIL405985 Each drilled to fit most popular routersacross the bit to cut a perfect splinetear-out. Transparent guide runs and can easily be drilled to fit others.slot.Includes centring tool to alignalong the fence 51mm (2) above Rockler (480438) RouterTwo separate attachment pointsthe jig with the centre of the routerthe table, to enable compatibility Plate Insert 4pk allowing routing 0 - 127mm (0 - 5)bit. Accommodates frames withwith most router table fences and from the edge. Includes standard279 x 356mm (11 x 14) opening orprevent cutting into the sled. Firmly 25mm (1-3/16) guide bushing insertboxes measuring up to 305 x 305 xclamps rails while using router to and screws to attach router. Accepts305mm (12 x 12 x 12). Fits 10 x 19mmmatch stiles. Sacrificial block is additional inserts for multiple size(3/8 x 3/4) mitre slot. easily replaceable to accommodate openings. 10mm (3/8) thick basedifferent profiles. Maximum with 13mm (1/2) thick reversibleCode Unit workpiece dimensions are W x D: 127 edge guide. SIL787293 Each x 32 D mm (5 x 1-1/4).Code Unit Code UnitSIL694044 Each SIL921727 EachSturdy plastic inserts can be interchanged to ensure the bitWE HAVE opening is as close to the router bit diameter as possible. Compatible with Rockler Phenolic & AluminiumTHE TOOLS Router Plates. Inserts have multiple bit openings to match the router bit in use. Set includes 1 x insert with 32mm (1-1/4) opening, 1 x insert withFOR YOUR 38mm (1-1/2) opening, 1 x insert with 64mm (2-1/2) bit openings, and 1 x solid insert. Unit TRADESMENCodeSIL480438 Each490 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'