b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEAUTOMOTIVE HAND TOOLSPARTS WASHERS & TRAYS PICK UP TOOLSSilverline 695776 MagneticSilverline 868873 MagneticSilverline 129472 TelescopicSilverline 633835 Magnetic Hooks 5kg Pack-2 Tool Tray Set 150 - 310mmInspection Mirror 166-500mm Wrist Band One Size4pcAUTOMOTIVE30mm diameter mirror mounted on swivel ball joint for 360 angle view. Chrome-plated brass tube. Extendable 166-500mm.Laboratory tested to 5kg (11lb) holdCode Unit Woven nylon wristband containing 16 capacity. Place on fridge door or anypowerful magnets.ferrous metal surface. SIL129472 EachCode UnitCode Unit Silverline 151211 Heavy DutySIL633835 EachSIL695776 Each Heavy duty steel trays attach to anyMagnetic Pick-Up Tool 3.6kgflat steel surface. Rubber contactsPUMPSSilverline 703514 Flexibleprevent scratches. Includes 4 widths: Magnetic Tape 25mm x 3m 150, 215, 270 and 310mm. Silverline 104616 Oil & Fluid Code Unit Extractor Pump 4LSIL868873 EachSilverline 871414 Magnetic Parts Dish 150mm Enables ferrous objects up to 3.6kg to be recovered from restricted spaces. Includes convenient pocket clip.Code UnitSIL151211 EachEasily cut to size. Remove liner to apply to a variety of lightweightStainless steel with soft base.Silverline 277860 Flexible items.Adheres securely to ferrous surfacesPick Up Tool 600mmCode Unit without marking.SIL703514 Each Code UnitCleanly extract oil or water from Silverline 794944 MagneticSIL871414 Each engines or other machinery through Clips Pack-2 oil filler or dipstick holes.PICK UP TOOLS Code UnitHilka 11900010 10lbSIL104616 EachSpring-loaded mechanism and 4 Telescopic Magnetic Pick strong metal hooks.Silverline 282712 Plastic Code Unit Barrel Ball Pump 200mmSIL277860 EachSilverline 457053 Telescopic Mirror 370 - 765mmNickel-plated magnetic clips for use around the home, office, garage or workshop. For holding notes,With Hi Viz grip expanding from 6Plastic barrel ball pump for inflating reminders, recipes etc. to 31 for lifting up to 8lbs and 6 1/2balls and other small inflatables. to 26 for lifting 10lbs. Supplied with needle adaptor.Code UnitSIL794944 Each Code Weight Unit Telescopic mirror for close upCode UnitHIL11900010 10lb Each inspection of inaccessible areas.SIL282712 EachSilverline 868812 MagneticRotates 360. Mirror size 52 x Parts Tray 150 x 225mm Hilka Telescopic Magnetic Pick101mm. Silverline 380100 Siphon Up Tool 32 with LED Light Code Unit Pump 1200mmSIL457053 EachSilverline 823543 3-in-1 Pick Up Tool 800mmStainless steel parts tray with rubberised, strongmagnetic base.Heavy duty magnet holds up to 6lbs.Useful manual siphon pump enables Adheres securely to ferrous surfacesGreat for finding object in hard toeasy transfer of non-flammable without marking. reach areas. Extends to 32. Multi-headed inspection/pick-up tool. liquids.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL868812 Each HIL11906032 Each SIL823543 Each SIL380100 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 213'