b'IRONMONGERYCHAIN & FITTINGSCHAIN & FITTINGS IRONMONGERYFixman Electro GalvanisedFixman GalvanisedSecurit S4791 Staple On PlateHEAVY CHAINChain Commercial D-Shackle 10pk 50mmSecurit Galvanised Chain Zinc PlatedZinc plated and corrosion resistant. CHAIN & FITTINGS & HINGESCan be used internally or externally. Not load rated.Code Size Unit GalvanisedSIL558791 2mm x 2.5m Each Zinc-plated and corrosion-resistant.Code Size UnitSIL925265 3mm x 2.5m Each Removable pin. Not load rated. MPSS4791 50mm EachCode Size Unit Code Size (mm) UnitFixman Japanned Chain Black SIL785219 M5 Each Securit S4792 Ring On PlateZinc Plated50mm MPSB5673BULK 3 x 16 EachSIL496479 M6 EachSIL711078 M8 Each MPSB5674BULK 4 x 19 EachSIL821539 M10 Each MPSB5675BULK 5 x 21 EachSIL441778 M12 Each MPSB5676BULK 6 x 24 EachCorrosion resistant and weatherproof. For internal orSecurit PVC Padlock Chainexternal use. Not load rated. Fixman (784993) Chain Plate Black Ring 50mm x 50mm Code Size Unit BlackSIL345063 4mm x 2.5m EachSIL772588 5mm x 2.5m Each GalvanisedFixman Plastic Chain 6mmCode Size Unitx 5m MPSS4792 50mm EachSecurit S4793 Hook On PlateFinish: Zinc.50mm Code Size UnitMPSB1250BULK 600mm EachStrong, plastic construction.MPSB1251BULK 900mm EachLightweight and weatherproof.MPSB1252BULK 1200mm EachInternal or external use. Can be used with Fixman Chain ConnectorsCorrosion-resistant and (923425). weatherproof. Internal or externalSecurit Zinc Plated Chainuse.Code Colour UnitSIL568185 White Each Code UnitSIL784993 Each GalvanisedSIL615292 Red/White EachCode Size UnitFixman (302410) Chain PlateFixman (786651) Chain PlateMPSS4793 50mm EachGalvanised Ring 50mm xHook 50mm x 50mm Black50mm EG HEAVY CHAINSecurit Steel Chain on a ReelCode Size (mm) Unit1mMPSS5742 3 x 16 EachMPSS5744 4 x 19 EachCorrosion-resistant andMPSS5748 6 x 24 Eachweatherproof. Internal or external2mZinc-plated, corrosion-resistant anduse. MPSS5745 4 x 19 Eachweatherproof. Internal or external use.Code Unit MPSS5749 6 x 24 EachCode Unit SIL786651 Each Code Size (mm) UnitSIL302410 Each Galvanised 15m HEAVY FITTINGSFixman (943775) Chain PlateMPSB5660BULK 6 x 24 EachFixman (566783) Chain PlateStaple 50mm x 50mm Black Securit Bow Shackle Zinc Galvanised Staple 50mm xGalvanised 25m Plated50mm EG MPSB5659BULK 5 x 21 EachGalvanised 30mMPSB5657BULK 3 x 16 EachMPSB5658BULK 4 x 19 EachBlack 15mMPSB5656BULK 6 x 24 EachCorrosion-resistant andBlack 25mZinc-plated, corrosion-resistant andweatherproof. Internal or externalMPSB5655BULK 5 x 21 Each Code Size Unitweatherproof. Internal or external use. use. Black 30m MPSS5693 5mm CardCode Unit Code Unit MPSB5653BULK 3 x 16 Each MPSS5694 6mm CardSIL566783 Each SIL943775 Each MPSB5654BULK 4 x 19 Each MPSS5695 8mm CardOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 379'